Dangerous Times: Still Missing the Strategic Meaning of Benghazi

Strategy comes before tactics. Strategic goals dictate tactical actions. Today we are allowed to talk about the obvious tactical lies and malfeasances that the Obama administration blew in our faces in the Benghazi fiasco and its aftermath, but not about its strategic meaning. But Obama’s secret policies have also been exposed to public view with the Benghazi fiasco. It is now clear that since Obama came to power, the U.S. government has overturned all the fundamental values that have characterized American policy from Thomas Jefferson onward. Under Obama we have secretly joined the terrorist side in the Jihad War. That is the strategic meaning of Benghazi.

In any other administration that would be unbelievable, but consider the facts.

1) 500 million dollars in arms to al-Qaeda in Syria.

Intelligence analyst Clare Lopez and a group of distinguished retired military and intelligence experts released a statement last week that was quickly covered up by the media. It was too dangerous to headline. In Britain the Daily Mail made it a one-day headline story, but it deserves to be repeated until we truly understand it.

“The Citizens Commission on Benghazi, a self-selected group of former top military officers, CIA insiders and think-tankers, declared Tuesday in Washington that a seven-month review of the deadly 2012 terrorist attack has determined that it could have been prevented -- if the U.S. hadn't been helping to arm al-Qaeda militias throughout Libya a year earlier.

'The United States switched sides in the war on terror with what we did in Libya, knowingly facilitating the provision of weapons to known al-Qaeda militias and figures,' Clare Lopez, a member of the commission and a former CIA officer, told MailOnline.

She blamed the Obama administration for tacitly approving the diversion of half of a billion dollars of Qatari arms shipment to al-Qaeda-linked militants.”

Now stay with that for a minute. The United States government gave half a billion dollar in armaments to murderous al-Qaeda butchers who kill Christian children in Syria and Kenya in the name of Allah. Read the full report here. (Major h/t to Accuracy in Media).

But this undoubted crime against humanity is not the first policy perversion this administration has committed. Remember, this is a fundamental strategic and moral switch for the United States government. The half-billion dollars of arms to al-Qaeda rebels in Syria is part of Obama’s lifelong pattern of behavior. Conservatives now have an accurate understanding of who Obama really is, who his real friends are, how he was brought up and indoctrinated, and how he came to power through the Illinois Democrat Machine. It all adds up to an amazingly consistent picture of this administration. (But never expect liberals to admit it.)

2) Active collusion with the fanatical Islamofascist Muslim Brotherhood sect in overthrowing the foremost pillar of stability in the Middle East, the Egyptian  government of Hosni Mubarak, who was literally told by Obama to resign, in public. The Moobs have a favorite slogan: “Our only ambition is to die in the way of Allah.” What do you suppose they mean by that?

No informed Egyptian doubts this anymore: They see Obama as a ruthless enabler of an Islamofascist sect. The so-called “Arab Spring” demonstrations in Tahrir Square in Cairo were run by one Walid Ghoneim, who used social media from a loft apartment in Manhattan to organize the demonstrations (as reported by the sacred New York Times). Ghoneim was the Google Vice President for Sales in North Africa -- and apparently the don't-be-evil Google folks didn’t mind Ghoneim’s taking a few months off work, to whip up riots in Cairo.

Obama put killing pressure on Hosni Mubarak, who in his eighties was trying to control the inevitable succession struggle. Mubarak himself followed Anwar Sadat, the first heroic Arab leader to make peace with Israel, a peace that has now lasted for forty years. It is still the only formal peace agreement that has brought stability to the chronically unstable Middle East.

Obama deliberately undermined Hosni Mubarak, and Bill Ayers was even reported to be agitating against Mubarak in collusion with the Hamas gang in Gaza. It was widely understood that after the fall of Mubarak, the best organized political movement in Egypt was… the Muslim Brotherhood. And yet, it was the MB’s who assassinated Anwar Sadat for making peace with Israel. The Moobs now pretend to have become “moderate,” just like the radical left pretends in this country. It is a lie, as Egyptians found out very quickly when Moob honcho Muhammed Morsi took over and started to sabotage the Egyptian judiciary and police.

The most encouraging development in the phony Arab Spring was that Egypt itself rebelled against a reactionary Islamofascist putsch. The “Arab Spring” was always a pure media fabrication. Today the Muslim Brotherhood is being put through massive public trials in Egypt, while it continues to try to sabotage Egypt by stirring up riots from their safe haven in Gaza. Egypt has now closed many of the smuggling tunnels to Gaza, to bottle up the remaining fanatical leadership. It was a very close call for Egypt, but genuinely moderate people took a fierce stand against the radicals. Egyptians understand the Moobs. Americans don’t. The Obama media will not tell you this, needless to say. (You can follow the Egyptian media in English on MEMRI.org.)

3) The same story is revealed by a huge money trail from the Moobs to big Democrats including the Clinton and Carter presidential centers. Hillary’s closest sidekick Huma Abedin comes from an MB family -- everything comes down to family and tribe in the Arab world -- and edited a Muslim Sisterhood magazine before her present role in the Hillary campaign. Huma was Hillary’s closest aide as Secretary of State, and therefore privy to numerous secrets. You can bet that Mohammed Morsi in Egypt knew all about the inner workings of Hillary’s State Department. Hillary was in charge during the Benghazi debacle. Just connect the dots.

Some of the money flow to Democrats from radical Muslim sources may be technically legal, but its corrupting influence on the Clintons, Carter, and Obama is all over the public record. That money trail started around the time of the Arab Oil Crisis of 1973, which made the theocratic Gulf sheikhs fabulously rich, and easily able to buy power and influence in Europe and America. That is also the time when European nations started to import millions of Muslims from Pakistan and other nations controlled by the Wahabbi theocracy of Saudi Arabia. Today even Europe’s corrupt politicians must know how suicidal that has been. But in Europe, the voters have lost the power to defeat the unelected European Union, which has frank contempt for the people. What a great model for America to follow, right?

Big Oil corruption started among black leaders in this country in 1970s as well. Obama’s favorite hero is Malcolm X, who was assassinated by Elijah Muhammed of the Black Muslims. Jeremiah Wright started as a Muslim -- which makes him a traitor to Islam today, and therefore ready for the hatchet.

Eurosocialism is of course much admired by our leftist geniuses at the New York Times.

A similar big money trail has gone to the UK under Tony Blair, the UK Labour (socialist) leader for a dozen years, who has just said out loud that yes, violent Islamism is something for us to worry about. (Thanks, Tony!).

4) We can never forget that it was Jimmy Carter who enabled the rise of the first big Islamofascist state, Khomeinist Iran, in 1978. That act of presidential malfeasance led directly to a million deaths in the Iran-Iraq war. The story told by Carter and his guru Zbig Brzezinski is that the U.S. Government simply had not read Khomeini’s voluminous writings about his martyrdom war theology. As if the CIA can’t hire a couple of translators to figure out what this Hitlerine Khomeini was all about. After a year of “America held hostage” as our diplomats were kept imprisoned by Khomeini’s fanatics, you can bet that the Carter administration knew all about Khomeini. Their denial is a lie.

Today we have seen decades of Carter’s open adoration of radical Islam. There is no longer a shred of doubt about his perverse sympathies for killer regimes. And now we can plainly see that Obama has actually enabled the mullahs’ rush to nuclear weapons. The fact that Valerie Jarrett lived in Iran as a child and grew up in that kind of family is just another sign of radical Islamists penetration of this administration, at the very highest level.

5) It was the rise of the ancient and fanatical war theocracy in Iran that convinced characters like Osama Bin Laden that the time was ripe for reactionary Islamists to take over the whole Muslim world. We know what Bin Laden achieved on 9/11/01. Today, contrary to Obama’s election time lies about Benghazi, al-Qaeda is expanding explosively in Africa and the Middle East. The Malaysian Airlines plane that somehow disappeared recently may well have carried a terrorist bomb.

Today, Jihad War is in its fourth decade, given that it started with Jimmy Carter’s surrender to Khomeini in 1978-9.

In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood actually won power with Obama’s active collusion, until the Moobs scared the daylights out of ordinary Egyptians, who came out in force to cheer the army’s takeover led by General Al Sisi. Today, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, and Egypt are seeing huge civil conflict, precisely because of Obama’s idea of community organizing in the Middle East. This administration has made things worse, and at least 100,000 people have died as a result. Does the phrase “crime against humanity” ring any bells?

6) Obama’s closest “friend” in the Middle East is said to be Turkey’s increasingly dictatorial Recip Erdogan, who peddles another throwback ideology to the horrific past, called “neo-Ottomanism.” The Ottoman Empire controlled huge territories for four centuries in the cruelest way possible, before it broke down at the end of World War I. I have met Bulgarians who still have nightmares about the Ottoman Empire in Bulgaria, which ended around 1920. Some people don’t forget what happened to their grandparents and great-grandparents. Today the most famous crime of the late Ottomans is the Armenian Genocide, which Obama has failed to even call by its proper name: A planned mass murder of vast numbers of Armenian Christians by Djemal Pasha, solely because of their faith and ethnicity. John Kerry might even call that “an apartheid regime.”

Needless to say, Turkey itself is now in another uproar as major conflict is breaking out between the two big Islamist parties. Obama’s good friend Erdogan is looking shaky, having been exposed for a truly heroic scale of family corruption. But hey, you gotta love your friends, right?

7) The NATO invasion of Libya was a clear violation of international law. When Mr. Obama was asked on TV about the need for Congressional approval of the Libyan invasion, he simply laughed. As the ACORN Manual puts it, in politics “only might is right.” (That was of course a Nazi slogan.)

NATO bombing in collusion with Libya’s al-Qaeda gangs destabilized the relatively sane regime of Muammar Gaddafi, who had actually surrendered his nuclear arms program to the Bush Administration. Bush and Cheney were desperate to reduce the spread of nuclear weapons and ICBMs to suicidal groups like the Iranians. Obama reversed that policy. He has actually enabled Iran’s nuclear program, and lately he openly surrendered to Iran in Geneva. The mullahs couldn’t stop laughing. Now the Saudis are now reported to be buying their own nukes and missiles, because they are fifty miles across the Gulf from Iran’s missiles. Obama has therefore actively enabled a nuclear arms race in the Gulf. The facts are clear.

In sum, this administration has purposely made the world much, much worse. In Syria, for example, the al-Qaida-linked, U.S.-supported rebels can now steal chemical weapons from Assad. Putin’s invasion of Crimea and the Ukraine is a direct result of Obama’s perverse policy objectives: After all, if the U.S. can simply knock over Libya for no rational reason at all, why can’t Russia steal a march on the Ukraine? Today, China is snatching mineral-rich ocean territories claimed by Japan, the Philippines, and South Korea. All those thug regimes got the signal from Obama’s obsequious bows, and now they feel free to act on it. In response, Japan is now interested in nuclear weapons to defend against a nasty-sounding China.

There is more to this perverse story, much more. You can research it on the web.

The biggest point is that the Big Benghazi Lie was not just a tactical Obama effort to cover up the explosive rise of el-Qaeda in the Muslim world. Killing Osama did not kill his ideology; it never does. Those lies and abuses of military command responsibility came from deliberate, long-term policy decisions -- involving not just Obama, but very likely also the Clintons, all the way back to Jimmy Carter. The corporate media are of course in complete collusion with Obama’s program. A forty-year policy led by the Left to favor Islamic fascism is not, repeat not, an accident.

We need to clean up our political mess, and the hypercorrupt media must be rejected by their audiences if we are ever to regain our self-respect as a nation.

A grossly immoral foreign policy may not be an impeachable offense. The Constitution defines those as “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors."  Our whole political/media class wants nothing to do with impeaching the first president elected for the color of his skin. Impeachment is not the big issue. It will not stop a perverse and perverted policy, any more than Clintonism was stopped by Bill’s impeachment.

The United States is now clearly colluding with the same murderous enemies who slit the throats of American and United airlines flight attendants with razor utility knives, following the Muslim ritual slaughter technique practiced on the ‘Eid holiday, which Obama likes so much. Obama was taught in a Muslim school in Jakarta, Indonesia, until age ten. He knows what the ‘Eid animal sacrifice means. After the Indonesian civil war between Muslims, the Communist Party, and the Army, there isn’t much Obama hasn’t known from childhood onward. He is a very hardened and ruthless manipulator.

Impeachment is now in the air. But this is not a personal matter. Obama himself is as much the product of the American radical left as he is its enabler. Today Obama might as well go back to Hawaii forever and play on the beach: The damage to the integrity and truthworthiness of the United States has been done.

The most important single thing is for the American people and the world to be fully informed of the perverse and immoral policies of this administration. We must face the truth. Once the truth is out, let the people decide.

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