Christian Brotherhood an Impeachable Offense; Gay Incest Celebrated

Just in the last week, in the latest blitz of gay über alles, at the provocation of groups like GLAAD and Right Wing Watch, a newspaperman was sacked in Iowa and an entire show on HGTV was canceled because of editors and two handsome blond brothers adhering to the millennia-old strictures about chastity.

If you are a pair of gorgeous brothers dedicating your life to building homes for the poor, but you criticize homosexuality, you must be stripped of your life’s work and publicly humiliated.  But if you are a pair of gorgeous brothers who decide to have unprotected anal sex with each other in front of the camera, the gay community will shower you with praise.

Think I’m kidding?  On February 5, 2014, in the very mainstream gay publication Queerty, an article ran celebrating the marvelous fad of “twincest” in the gay community, or anal sex between brothers who, according to Queerty, can enjoy hot sodomy without having to worry about genetic defects, since they cannot get accidentally pregnant and would end up buying another woman’s eggs to make children anyway.

Queerty’s paragons of twincest are two Brazilian brothers and two Czech brothers who made international headlines by declaring their sexual love for each other.  This isn’t hypothetical; gay pornographers were sure to capture both sets of brothers in flagrante delicto, and the photographic images have been published for all the world to see.

The fact that Brazil and the Czech Republic are both target countries for exploitative pornographers, due to the countries’ high supply of, respectively, bronzed and blond young men kept thin by poverty and desperate for work, does not diminish at all from the prurient thrill that gay men get by watching barely legal identical twins sodomize each other.

These imperialist exploiters of the poor, the young, and ethnic ingénues are going to preach to us about acceptance?  About tolerance?  About celebrating diversity?

How about cleaning up your own house before you get sanctimonious about other people’s shows?  When are gay people going to stop obsessing about what other people say about them, and start looking critically at what they actually do?

In the utmost irony, as allegations mount about rampant abuse of teenage boys and young adults in the Los Angeles entertainment industry by homosexuals, Pasadena City College rejects a black expert in public health who was going to speak at their commencement.  Not content merely to block him from speaking at commencement, whoever was behind this smear campaign went farther and pushed and pushed at Pasadena City Hall, until this black doctor with many years of public service got placed on leave.  Soon to be fired, I presume.

And then the irony is compounded.  Get this: having destroyed the career of yet another fully clothed, dignified black professional, the gay agitators replaced him for Pasadena City College’s commencement with Dustin Lance Black, someone with far less education, a man who traipses around in public with a youth less than half his age, whom he decided to seduce after seeing Tom Daly in a Speedo at the 2012 Olympics when the lad was just eighteen years old (and Black was closing in on forty).

Guess what, gay haters – whether this crap is “legal” or not isn’t the point.  It’s disgusting.  And it’s becoming not just a fringe element of gay life, but rather the mainstay of a community whose members on stepping out of their glass houses and throwing stones at other people.

Speaking of throwing stones…the stench of homosexual child abuse is growing strong over Los Angeles, but the gay lobby resorts to one of their tried and true hat tricks – create a diversion, and make the public outrage vanish.  Redirect to someone else.  The newest rage in pro-gay Hollywood is protesting the Beverly Hills Hotel because it is owned by the Sultan of Brunei, whose country just passed a law making homosexuality a capital offense.

I denounce stoning homosexuals to death, largely because I denounce stoning people to death in general.  I happen to oppose the death penalty based on my religious beliefs.  I do not mind irritating conservatives by saying so.

But isn’t it amazing that gay activists don’t care about all the abuse heaped on women, Christians, and Jews by Islamic extremists, until it involves gay people?

Putting aside the extremism of laws in places like Brunei, let’s ask a basic question: is our society much better, if we are so dedicated to pleasing the gay lobby that we end free speech, bring back McCarthyism, encourage incest and child molestation, and conceal the abuse of children placed in same-sex-couple homes?  

Did it ever occur to any of these self-aggrandizing gay activists that people see Western gays flying to the Czech Republic to encourage men to sodomize their brothers, flying to Brazil to encourage other men to sodomize their brothers, flying to England to snatch up teenagers in Speedos, flying to Russia to buy children conceived by surrogacy contract with the purpose of turning them into pedophiliac porn slaves, flying to Thailand to steal babies, etc., etc., etc., and they just came to the perfectly logical conclusion: These people must be stopped?

Robert Oscar Lopez edits English Manif.

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