A Tool For America's Transformation

Common Core State Standards (CCSS), initially approved in 2009 by all fifty state governors at the National Governors Association, currently represents one of the most severe threats to our domestic tranquility, individual liberty, and national security that the United States has seen in decades, as a new age of collectivism and the Progressive plan of 1934 emerge together at the direction of the Obama administration.  This threat exists in Obama's recognition of Common Core as an efficient tool for indoctrinating our children into the Progressive Marxo-fascist worldview, creating a convergence of communism and capitalism that amounts to crony capitalism and fascism here in the United States.  And in so doing, these elitist Progressives plan a new, and yet old, approach to government, in order to create a seamless web that extends from cradle to grave.

The best-educated people across the ages, such as Pericles, Cicero, Voltaire, Madam Curie, John Locke, Adam Smith, Friedrich Hayek, and Milton Friedman, were products of a liberal education, in the classical sense of the word "liberal."  They were educated in a manner befitting a person of free birth, and they were not bound by authoritarianism, orthodoxy, or absolutist forms.  Instead their education focused on developing one's powers of reason and judgment, as opposed to professional or vocational skills.  Education without barriers enhanced knowledge, and human ingenuity allowed the ever widening ranges of desire and the needs of society to be satisfied rapidly.

Doesn't this alone suggest that the much-touted need for national education "standards" is overstated and most likely has ulterior motives?

Friedrich Hayek, renowned economist and historian, explained in 1944 that the socialists everywhere were the first to recognize that the task they had set themselves required the general acceptance of a common and definite set of "values."  In striving toward their singular worldview, they created most of today's instruments of indoctrination.  Common Core is just one such instrument in a long line of others.

While Progressivism and statist aspirations can be found in the Republican Party, too, such as in the globalist policies of both Bush presidents, the most insidious precursor to Common Core is found in the collusion among the Gates Foundation, the National Center on Education and the Economy (founded by Marc Tucker and funded by Bill Gates), and Hillary Clinton in the early 1990s.  Clinton was paid $100,000 to direct the NCEE's "Workforce Skills Program" while she worked at the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas, and after the Clintons reached the White House, Tucker sent a letter to Hillary Clinton that outlined a radical progressive plan "to remold the entire American system" through a centralized national standards "Trojan Horse."

In keeping with CCSS-style schemes, Bill Gates, Marc Tucker, and Hillary Clinton have consistently advocated for top-down control of education masquerading as reform.  Tucker and Clinton have explicitly advocated the creation of a P20W system to groom students from prenatal (P) through graduate school (20) and into the workplace (W).

The Obama administration is utilizing P20W in the fundamental transformation of America.  Immediately upon Obama's election to the president's office, the Obama administration changed student privacy laws, so that the students could be tracked from birth, monitoring everything from math and reading skills to values, opinions, and attitudes.

U.S. school systems have been ignoring the Secondary and Elementary Education Act since 2009.  This law is supposed to protect a student's personal information, but since Obama took office, sensitive personal information regarding mental health and family income is stored in a manner violating federal privacy laws, as noted by Senator Markey (D-Mass.)'s to education czar Arne Duncan on October 22, 2013 and corroborated by Fordham University Law School.

In 2013, a U.S. Department of Education draft document titled "Promoting Grit, Tenacity and Perseverance: Critical Factors for Success in the 21st Century" cited "changing workforce needs."  It called for public schools to cultivate "non-cognitive factors" in students, including "attributes, dispositions, social skills and attitudes" that are "independent of intellectual ability."

The progenitors of CCSS are in the process of building total psychological profiles of our children, pinpointing weaknesses and any need for "remedial education" and indoctrination.  This serves as their template to place our children on career paths chosen by the "educators" and the state, while traditional education is reserved for the top ten percent of "elite" students.  Common Core aligns with the global drive towards school-to-work outcome-based training, fully backed by the U.N. and funded by the Carnegie, Gates, and Rockefeller families.

In an August 21, 2013 article, Charlotte Iserbyt, senior education policy advisor under President Reagan, wrote, "[M]y serious concern [is] that Common Core ... will lock up All children worldwide in the computerized Communist workforce training system necessary for a planned global economy."  Iserbyt recently described CCSS as a "womb to tomb" plan by globalist "elites" intent on transforming America from a free-market capitalist system to a socialist system.

One teacher from Murfreesboro, TN was recently quoted in "Tennessee Parents Reclaiming Education" (April 2014) regarding CCSS.  This teacher asserted, "CCSS is not what fits Tennessee. It is experimental and unsound, especially in K-2. I am one of Tennessee's two National Teachers Hall of Fame Inductees. I vote NO!"

Parents are angry that Common Core is moving ahead in many states.  All across America, parents, especially in New Hampshire, are outraged over pornographic depictions in assigned readings.  New York and Tennessee parents are objecting to CCSS social studies standards stating that America is founded on democratic principles of equality, fairness, and respect for authority, but making no mention of liberty. 

Anita Hoge has been fighting education bureaucrats since the 1990s, and she currently is an education consultant and an expert on student assessments.  Like many other Americans, including Governor Bobby Jindal, she says, "Opting out is really the key."

Common Core is designed by Progressives to control unfavorable views of Progressivism, and it will control all disciplines dealing directly with human affairs, such as history, law, and economics, which will most immediately effect political views.  The disinterested search for the truth is not of value in CCSS, because the vindication of the Progressive Marxo-fascist view becomes the sole object, whether it advances the false science of man-made global warming or the false premise that socialism outperforms laissez-faire capitalism, even when the facts and experience show otherwise.

The political ideas of a people and their attitude toward authority are as much the effect of the political institutions under which they live as anything else.  So even a strong tradition of liberty is no safeguard if the immediate danger is precisely that the institutions and new policies, such as Common Core, guided by amoral men like Arne Duncan, will gradually destroy that spirit through indoctrination.

But of course, if America's strong sense of liberty reasserts itself, the people will recognize the inherent danger of Progressivism and its associated tyranny.  They will completely discard the Progressive worldview and resolutely change their course.