'Every Man His Own Commissar': Jared Taylor and the Politics of Race

Good manners are infectious.  Jared Taylor’s civility and dapper appearance impress even those sending him death threats:  the most recent one addresses him as “Mr. Taylor.”  In an age when even upper-class Brits loosen the upper lip and revert to first names after one email exchange, we remained “Mr.” and “Mr.” Taylor, founder of American Renaissance and New Century Foundation, usually appears in public in a jacket and tie, though he sheds the latter for his infrequent speeches on campuses.  Men at the annual Am Ren conference are also required to wear jackets and ties, the women, dresses.  “It acts like classical music at a mall,” Taylor says.  His accent is hard to place.  He aspirates the “h” in words like “white,” a genteel habit that went out of fashion in the ‘60s.  He does not quite sound like a contemporary American; his diction is a little too...(Read Full Article)