Elvira Arellano the Illegal Alien Returns to Chicago

Elvira Arellano is back in Chicago, agitating for amnesty and immigration reform, and using another child as a human shield.  Her husband is nowhere to be seen.  When last deported, Elvira was using her now teenage son the same way. In case you forgot who Elvira Arellano is, a reporter from Progress Illinois writes, “Elvira Arellano, a Mexican woman who lived in a Humboldt Park church for a year to take shelter from deportation, returned to Chicago[.] … Arellano lived in the Adalberto United Methodist … in 2006, but was eventually deported to Mexico … in 2007[.]” “Last week, the immigration activist [was] … detained after trying to get into the United States. Arellano has a U.S.-born teenage son as well as a four month-old son who was born in Mexico. She brought the baby with her[.]” Chris Bergin, Arellano’s attorney, told the Chicago Sun-Times, “That probably factored into why they didn’t want to hold her in jail for too long. But I also imagine there...(Read Full Article)