As China and Japan Prepare for War, American Forces Battle over Turf

Many readers of American Thinker may be thinking that a war between China and Japan, with or without the US being involved, is precluded by the fact that it would be stupid and destructive.  Nevertheless, the people who are actually going to fight that war are continuing to prepare for it.  In the US forces, the Marines are seeing off an attempt by the Army to gain a role.  The Marines believe that they won’t need any help in retaking the Senkakus from China. They are also concerned that the Army attack helicopters would suffer from corrosion while sitting on flat-decked ships at sea. Among the pundits, Foreign Policy has come to the realisation that if China seizes the Senakakus, they might as well seize the southern half of the Ryuku island chain, the Yaeyama Islands, while they are at it.  Militarily and morally, the Yaeyamas would be only a little bit more difficult than seizing the Senkakus but would come with plenty of basing opportunities and the...(Read Full Article)