A Lesson in Liberal/Democratic Party Hypocrisy

What do Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Tim Scott, Michele Bachmann, Condoleezza Rice, Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, and TW Shannon all have in common?

Calm down, Joseph.  I see your hand, but I want someone else to answer for a change.  No takers?  Okay, Joseph.

You are correct.  They are hated by liberals and Democrats.  Tell us why?  Correct again, Joseph.  They are women and minorities who honor God, family, and country.  They are self-reliant, extremely successful and do not view themselves as victims.

Liberals and Democrats will not tolerate such liberated independent thinking by women and minorities.  It threatens the foundation of the Democratic Party which is built on insidious evil lies, class envy, and victimhood-ism.

Very good, Joseph.  Please continue.

For decades, liberals and Democrats have been indoctrinating women and minorities, filling their heads with lies, such as that America is eternally racist and sexist.  They claim that the only way for women and minorities to succeed is through Democrat-led government-mandated lowered standards, entitlements, and special concessions.

Women and minorities who succeed via education, right choices, and hard work, without Democratic Party intervention, upset the Democrats' applecart.  These uppity women and minorities must be silenced at any and all cost.

But wait a minute, Joseph.  Are you saying that these self-proclaimed heroes of women and minorities would actually seek to punish and destroy them?  Oh, I get it.  You are saying their faux compassion is nothing more than a PR campaign promoted by their buddies who dominate the mainstream media.

Liberals and Democrats do not give a hoot about women and minorities other than their usefulness in furthering the socialist/progressive agenda.  Their mantra is, Continue your monolithic voting for us, and we will continue upping the entitlements and keep rich white racist conservative Republicans at bay.  Despicable.

Excellent points, Joseph.

Because they thrive on perceived victimized voting blocs, that explains why liberals and Democrats will not seriously address epidemic levels of black out-of-wedlock births, school dropouts, unemployment, urban poverty, black-on-black crime, and genocidal abortion rates. 

They became hysterically outraged when Bill O'Reilly  and Republican Congressman Paul Ryan compassionately dared to address issues that are devastating the black community.

National race relations and the lives of women and blacks are considered acceptable collateral damage in the liberals' and Democrats' implementation of their socialist/progressive agenda.

Joseph, please define “socialist/progressive agenda.”

Their agenda includes banning God from the public square to install a secular society; homosexual marriage; illegal immigration, which means new Democrat voters; late-term abortions; and continuously increasing the size and overreach of government.  Their goal is to have as many Americans as possible dependent on government (unprecedented 48 million on food stamps, over 90 million unemployed, and ObamaCare), which equals government having total power and control over every aspect of our lives.

Anyone, particularly women and minorities, who promotes traditional family values and Christian faith is problematic for the Democrats' PR campaign of indoctrinating the American people.

This also explains liberals' and Democrats' high-tech raping of Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Condoleezza Rice, and others.  Liberal celeb Cher called Sarah Palin a “dumb C-word.” 

Rabid liberal Bill Maher called Michele Bachmann a “bimbo.”  He also called Sarah Palin the C-word and a “dumb twat,” with no rebuke from the liberal infected mainstream media.  Can you imagine the media feeding frenzy had a conservative used the C-word to describe Hillary Clinton?  Glaring hypocrisy.

Would anyone else like to chime in?  OK, Joseph, the floor is yours.

Democrats claiming that Republicans have launched a “war on women” is a prime example of the pot calling the kettle black and a media-supported PR game.  Democrats are obsessed with women killing their babies via abortion, which is the leading cause of death in America annually.

CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is attempting to silence the movie Honor Diaries, which exposes violence against women.  Conservative-leaning Fox News is the lone media outlet informing the public.  Due to political correctness, liberals, and Democrats remain mute.

But wait, Joseph.  Please forgive me for interrupting.  It has been my understanding over the years that liberals and Democrats are the great saviors of women.

Say what?  OK, now I understand.  Political correctness and furthering their fundamental transformation of America always trump our God-given freedom, liberty, human suffering, and lives.  This is cruel, evil, and glaring shameless hypocrisy.

Well done, Joseph.  Very well done.

Unlike liberal teachers, I will not give every student a gold star simply for showing up.  I am giving you, Joseph, a gold star because you earned it.  You did the work.  Congratulations!

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