Wrestling with Hypocrisy at Kent State

As the top NCAA wrestlers prepare for their upcoming national championships this week in Oklahoma City, Sam Wheeler, a 20-year-old, student athlete at Kent State University, will not be competing among them. The former Ohio wrestling champion made a derogatory tweet last month about Missouri football star and NFL candidate Michael Sam, who has become the nation’s latest celebrated homosexual. 

President Obama and many homosexual activists have cheered the NFL prospect for revealing his sexuality during an ESPN program called Outside the Lines. With the NFL Draft approaching, Sam likely will soon become the first openly homosexual player in the NFL. 

In the face of all the ESPN hype, the Kent State wrestler had more hoopla than he could handle concerning the glorification of Michael Sam’s homosexuality. 

Though Wheeler’s Twitter account is now deleted, homosexual advocates immediately began harassing the college kid after he tweeted the following: “I can’t even watch Sports Center today cause all they are talking about is [a suspended basketball player] or that fag from Mizzou…” 

Later, Wheeler used the word queer twice in response to two individuals who contacted him in protest to his original tweet. Wrapping up his controversial commentary on the issue, Wheeler tweeted, “O geez I got all these fag boys mad at me now.”

As a result of the unanticipated outrage his hasty tweets ignited, Wheeler was suspended from the wrestling team and not allowed to compete in his NCAA qualifying tournament weeks later. The harsh disciplinary action taken by his coach and the university may appear reasonable at first glance, but based on the make-believe fairness that liberals are constantly inventing, this story displays a double standard. 

Liberals habitually look past their own disgusting hypocrisy, but everyone else might find it interesting that Kent State is the same university that has never disciplined its own radically anti-Semitic professor and Islamic terrorist sympathizer, Julio Pino.

The tenured Kent State professor has spit out his deep-seated hatred of Jews and Israel with impunity on many occasions. As a matter of fact, in late 2011, Pino maniacally shouted, “Death to Israel,” during a lecture delivered by a former Israeli diplomat. Sure, Kent State’s President Lester Lefton condemned Pino’s remarks, but the university imposed absolutely no disciplinary action. 

Furthermore, former Kent State Associate Vice President Thomas Neumann explained the university’s tolerance of Pino’s despicable outburst by stating, “It was not a university event. [Pino] does not speak for the university....” 

However, that was far from an isolated offense for Pino at Kent State. The university has a laundry list of anti-Semitic statements made by the professor, which includes an allegation that he told a Kent State student during class that “because you are Jewish, you will burn in hell.” Pino’s deplorable xenophobic behavior is rampant, yet Kent State has never disciplined the man. 

Now, on the other hand, Kent State has hammered a promising young black student athlete who -- at worst -- heedlessly tweeted an immature insult related to the sexual behavior of a super hyped NFL prospect. 

What is it about homosexuality that inspires advocates to demand special treatment? Thankfully, pride in other sexual practices is not routinely flaunted in parades. Most people are more well-mannered. 

Regardless, under other circumstances the average liberal would surely be defending Kent State’s Sam Wheeler and arguing that he is the victim here. The media has a plethora of news stories discussing black culture and its homophobic influence on young black males. Are Wheeler’s comments not potentially a multicultural matter? 

Syndicated columnist Star Parker has noted that only 40% of blacks support homosexual marriages. So, enforcing a taboo on negative expressions toward homosexuality and ending a promising young man’s athletic season over expression of his cultural roots may be violating norms of multiculturalism.

Granted, comprehending all the perverse ideas of fairness spawned by liberals can be quite confusing, but apparently, homosexuality now trumps race and multiculturalism.

What Kent State has done to Sam Wheeler -- and never done to Julio Pino -- clearly flies in the face of the Obama administration’s recent warning issued to the nation’s primary and secondary schools. According to the Department of Justice, racial disparity in the discipline and punishment of black students is grounds for civil rights lawsuits. 

Of course, President Obama has not uttered a peep about Kent State potentially violating Sam Wheeler’s civil rights. Perhaps Kent State gets a waiver because Wheeler’s case and Julio Pino’s case are matters of higher indoctrination. 

The outrage over Wheeler’s tweets undoubtedly has the kid confused. Slang terms have sliding rules depending on the special interest minorities that liberals seek to exploit for votes.  Remember Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? There was no indignation over that title or the show itself, which featured a team of purported homosexuals providing fashion tips to uncool heterosexuals. On the contrary, the series was a big success and highly celebrated.

In hindsight, perhaps Wheeler could have avoided this whole mess if he had simply tweeted that he hates Jews and supports Islamic terrorists. Perhaps if he had tweeted something like that, Kent State would be trumpeting pretentious liberal nonsense about tolerance or some other gibberish.

Fortunately, Wheeler seems like a hardworking young man. What a shame he’s been pinned by a frivolous tweet and paraded around as a conquest by the dubious champions of diversity, multiculturalism, and minorities. 

A former high school English teacher and United States Marine, Lee Culpepper is a contributing writer at Townhall.com and BearinArms.com.  Follow Lee Culpepper on Twitter @drcoolpepper.