Too Busy to be President

Is Barack Obama simply too busy to be Chief Executive of the United States?  Apparently.  One of the primary functions of the president is to keep the nation safe, to preserve it from its enemies.  To do that effectively, one would actually have to maintain something of a consistent level of attention to the moving pieces that directly influence how future events will unfold. 

None other than the truly sycophantic thinks for a second that President Obama cares a whit for anything that does not involve fundamentally altering the social composition of this country.  Or golf.  During the five-plus years that we have been without a real president, meaning one who actually was aware of all aspects of the position and tried, even just a little, to perform them, everything that was predicted to occur during his tenure has materialized.  We are weaker, less respected, less feared, less liked and, well, just less.  No surprise there, really.  Conservatives had this guy figured out early in the first campaign, and they were spot on.  No record, no experience, no consistency, no integrity, no background, no evidence of morals, no normal friends or associates, and no supporters who cared more about their country than about their silly self-congratulation over electing the first black man who seemed just like them: unserious.

If we assume that the president is even half as smart as we’ve been told he is, which would still make him the smartest person ever to live, you’d think he would have picked up some skills along the way, or gained some firsthand experience that might come in handy.  You know, maybe how to read the tea leaves to foresee the bad things that could happen if you take a certain action, or what might happen if you decide to take no action at all when action is necessary.  Perhaps you’d think that someone that smart would be open to what more informed people in fields like intelligence and foreign relations have to say, and would use his smarts to discern which advice seemed most sage to plot his course, and ours.  He could still claim credit for the successful final decision, after all, which is really all that matters.

But you’d be wrong.  In every single crisis that has arisen since the beginning of Obama’s reign of error, he has had something else to do, something that was so much more important than the grenade going off behind him that he just could not find the time to address the crisis of the moment.  The celebrity and the trappings of the position have always been vastly more important to this man than the responsibilities, so much so that when faced with the choice of focusing on something hard requiring judgment and decisiveness, and giving in to something easy and self-indulgent, he always goes with easy and self-indulgent.

The day after Benghazi, with four dead Americans to explain, he gave a perfunctory speech in the Rose Garden and flew off to a fundraiser that somehow rated higher than a crisis of national reputation and security.  The truth implicit in that action, which some recognized, was that Obama simply did not care that this apparent tragedy had happened.  Or perhaps, equally troubling, he had known it was likely to happen because his surrogates did nothing to protect our people while carrying out this his orders, despite dire warnings, and he had already moved on.

Either way, the business of governing never seems to get in the way of the absurd posturing and trying to seem cool.  There’s always a television show, or fake cable interview between potted plants in which to push social chaos, that takes priority over actually being an American president.  There are shows populated by chatty progressive women, and chatty late night men, where one can talk about bowling comparisons, or perform rap antics with a comedian.  There are Democrat happy hours that come within minutes of making dire warnings over Russia’s encroachment on Ukraine that make clear that this president is either suffering the worst case of ADHD ever, or he really is just playing a part he neither understands nor believes in. 

And there’s the addiction to golf.  I love a good round of golf, but can we finally dispense with the silly talking heads who deflect attention from the president’s irresponsible obsession with golf, making it sound like he needs a break given how hard he works?  Giving speeches written by others that scroll on a teleprompter, or flying around the country doing and saying nothing constructive, is not working hard.  Working hard means more than just showing up and hoping things don’t blow up on your watch.  Leading a country, and committing your life for four or eight years to its advancement and preservation is working hard.  We are still waiting on that one.  I recall being momentarily surprised to learn that the president was golfing in Key Largo when the Russians predictably entered Ukraine, but quickly corrected myself.  The surprise was a remnant of when our country was governed by serious people who cared and worked hard. 

I won’t deny that dismantling history’s most successful experiment in self-determination is probably hard work at times, but most of that is being done on his behalf by others.  After all, how many times have we heard the president tell us, through his equally disingenuous spokesperson, that he had no idea that everything being done on his behalf, consistent with his vision for a socialist America, was actually occurring.   So perhaps that doesn’t count as work.

The obvious lesson, of course, is that if you elect a pampered, spoiled, coddled, insulated, shielded narcissist, male or female, whose image bears no resemblance to his or her substance, you get chaos, and decay and danger.  You get bored, disinterested and dismissive brats who resent accountability, and the expectation or insistence that they do what they are paid to do in positions they sought, with skills and traits they lied about having.  You get dead Americans, likely with more to come, whose sacrifice means nothing compared to a speech or fundraiser, which itself finances the continuation of the damage being done daily by the poseur and his equally fraudulent cohorts.

In short, you get what we have right now: a fake grown-up, lacking a moral compass, whose protectors have allowed him to escape criticism for saying and doing meaningless and dishonest things, who is paralyzed by his own inadequacy in times of adversity.  You get someone who never did his homework and read off classmates’ papers during the test.  You get someone who has never had to make a really difficult decision in his life in which he stood to lose something important to himself, rather than something he could simply steal from others.  You get an unprepared toddler.  The grownups with evil designs can’t believe their good fortune.  The grownups with a country to lose can’t believe it, either.  Our future is in the hands of toddlers.