Smart Guns: A Dumb Choice

Arthur C. Clarke's short story "Superiority" made it clear decades ago that overreliance on technology can kill people.  "We were defeated by one thing only – by the inferior science of our enemies. I repeat – by the inferior science of our enemies."  The story's lesson is that, when national security or human safety depends on a product, that product has to work 100 percent of the time.  This applies particularly to defensive firearms, cell phones, gun safes, and automobiles. Dr. Ignatius Piazza of Front Sight reports that Armatix GmbH, a German gun manufacturer, is offering a "smart gun" that can be fired only by its owner.  It comes as no surprise that New York and California – the principal sources of the nation's anti-Second Amendment legislation – are pressing for equally reckless and irresponsible "kill switches" for smartphones. Nothing in this article constitutes engineering...(Read Full Article)