Dangerous Times: Putin slaps down Euro-American Fantasyland

When JFK looked weak to Nikita Khrushchev, we got the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1963. When Jimmy Carter bear-hugged Brezhnev, we got the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. When Bill Clinton failed to stop Bin Laden for seven whole years, we got 9/11/01 in New York City.

And when Obama clowned it up for the world, alienating our allies and bowing down to our deadly enemies, we got this week’s Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

And that’s only the beginning. Just you watch.

Putin is establishing a naval presence in Venezuela and Cuba. He already has a major naval base in Syria. He wants to control Middle Eastern oil, and by making Iran and Saudi Arabia dependent on him, he might be able to do it.

Obama has systematically dismantled Western and U.S. defenses, stabbed allies like Egypt’s Mubarak in the back, invaded Libya without a shred of justification, and backed murderous reactionary gangsters in Syria, Libya, Iran, and Egypt. Our president betrayed U.S. personnel in Benghazi, and purged our top military leaders. Soon he will turn over Iraq to Iran, and Afghanistan to the Taliban. When, through our bottomless folly, Iran gets the bomb, it will control both sides of the Persian Gulf, and run the Middle East through Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon.

The day after Putin predictably invaded the Ukraine, SecState John Kerry assured us that the new Tsar of all Russia would build up the Ukrainian economy --- after stealing its resources, as usual. In the White House Obama said several tough words out loud. But nobody now believes that the West will defend Eastern Europe, because America is led by a wet sock puppet and Europe has cannibalized its defenses to buy welfare votes from millions of radicalized Muslims. Russia is run by a KGB colonel, a seriously expansionist ruler, and nobody in the West is the least bit prepared. Germany curries favor with Moscow by paying extra-high prices for Russia’s natural gas. We’ve lost the plot -- but Putin hasn’t.

Magical thinkers like Obama spend years persuading themselves that reality isn’t what it obviously is: That there are no aggressive imperial ideologies in the world, and that mere wishful thinking will create love and peace. For anyone who sees the world with open eyes, those ideas are too delusional to argue with. Every time you try to talk sense to a deluded liberal you will fail, because they aren’t open to facts or logic. Psychiatrists know from daily experience that you can’t argue people out of fixed delusions.

Obama is a fairly intelligent man who lives in the delusional world of Harvard Law, where Obama talked Professor Larry Tribe into publishing an article claiming that Einsteinian Relativity applies to the U.S. Constitution, an idea so wacky that it should have disqualified both of them from holding public office for the rest of their lives.

When the Democrats put Obama on the world stage in 2004 they knew exactly who he was; the public was completely bamboozled with smoke and mirrors, but the inner party knew they were running a black nationalist from Chicago who happened to look good on TV. The Democratic Party used to be run from smoke-filled backrooms, but these days the smokeseems to come from hash pipes. Democrats have now elected Communists and sex maniacs, but they haven’t had an intellectually serious candidate since Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

Obama is cognitively rigid: He can’t change his mind in the face of facts. Therefore the Western world acts like a milling crowd on the Exxon Valdez right before the ship strikes the reef. We can scream and yell at the captain, but he has both forefingers firmly stuck in his ears. If anything goes wrong, the White House spins lies and excuses. Obama never takes responsibility, and his mendacious media are too afraid to ask questions.

In 2008 the Democrat-Media Complex sold us a grossly incompetent narcissist simply because he was black and therefore “historic ” They are now intent on electing the worst SecState in memory, simply because she is a woman, and therefore “historic.” After eight years of Hillary they will no doubt find a illegal lesbian immigrant to run, because that would also be “historic.”

Apparently no Democrat ever thinks of voting for a person of competence and character to do a good job. America’sruling cult makes unbelievably irresponsible decisions -- Tony Weiner’s “Selfie campaign” for NY mayor deserves to go down in song and legend, just to remind future generations of today’s universal idiocy. The mayoral winner, Bill De Blasio, ran as a Communist and still received 70% of the votes, including Upper Manhattanites who were promptly screwed when the new mayor “forgot” to plow the streets in those neighborhoods. De Blasio might have campaigned in Nazi drag singing the “Horst Wessel” song, and nobody would have noticed.

The worst news is that our people have become infantile. Americans just voted themselves free medical care for life, and now they are surprised because the whole wishful farce is starting to break down. This is not how adults think. It is infantile.

The infantilized voter is not just an American phenomenon. Just take a look at the British “news” media. The BBC was just exposed for protecting a high-level compulsive child-abuser network, led by star Jimmy Savile, for a period of decades.  Such profound and long-lasting corruption cannot happen in a normal, decent organization -- somebody would have called the cops. But the BBC waited for the criminals to die or retire before making its belated confession.

British politics is heavily influenced by oil-rich Arabs and Iranians, including Tony Blair, who was paid to get the Lockerbie terrorist bomber released for Muammar Gadaffi. Gadaffi also bought up France’s Nicolas Sarkozy in exactly the way Saddam Hussein bought up Jacques Chirac in the 1990s. In return, the U.S. and French co-sponsored a coup against Gadaffi in which he was murdered by impalement.

Europe’s ruling class is no longer responsible to the voters; they have complete job security just like the U.S. Senate. As a result, Europe’s capitals are now full of Pakistani radicals straight from the badlands, controlling entire neighborhoods with Shari’ah law. Western Europe is committing suicide, and Vladimir Putin knows it.

When the U.S. withdraws from the world, all the ancient empires make another bid for power. Moscow just grabbed the Crimea again, and is making moves on the Baltic and the Black Sea. China just claimed two huge swathes of energy-rich ocean territory from Japan and the Philippines. A Franco-German axis runs the European Union, forcing poverty and despair on eastern and southern Europe by keeping the euro as strong as the old Deutschmark. Everywhere the power elites control millions of people by dint of 24/7 industrialized propaganda.

Ordinary Europeans are just as ignorant, confused and childlike as Americans. They are easily swayed by monopoly propaganda run by political media cults. In England the Conservative Party is just as Eurosocialist as Labour and the Liberal Democrats. The EU Parliament has no law-making power at all. It’s a pure front for the all-powerful bureaucracy.

Which makes Putin one of a small number of serious political leaders in the world.

Obama is probably the least serious.

Let’s all pray for a happy ending.