Living the Cool Life: Join the Peace Corps or Corporate America?

Most of us have a desire to be good.  We go through life with a certain level of moral ambition, if you like.  We look for moral principles to live by, and we try to act according to those principles.  As life draws to an end, we would like to be able to look back and conclude that we lived a good life, which for most of us implies that we lived a moral life or, as the Generation Y or Z’er may put it: “I lived a cool life.” In a recent article, a son told the story of his parents leaving secure and well-paid jobs behind to join the Peace Corps.  It ended with “…joining the Peace Corps made Mom and Dad pretty cool.” (Outside magazine, Oct 2013, “Mom And Dad’s Excellent Adventure” by Eric Hansen). Many Americans consider joining the Peace Corps part of living a cool life.  They would readily volunteer if it weren’t for career and family responsibilities being in the way (mom and dad in the story...(Read Full Article)