Exercising Your Right to Choose a Doctor You'd Never Choose

The federal government has paid $35 million to “phantom” health clinics that don’t exist, fleeced taxpayers for $60 billion a year (that’s “billion” with a “b”) in health care fraud, and in 2009 alone paid out $98 billion (again with a “b”) in improper payments.  Yet Barack Obama, the face of health care in America, is unwavering in his commitment to having that same government make life-and-death decisions for 300 million people.

Originally, ObamaCare’s goal was to insure 30 million uninsured individuals.  What America didn’t know was that the goal would be accomplished through lies, contradiction, and coercion. 

Now, because of all the negativity associated with health care reform, Barack Obama is on the hype-ObamaCare circuit with the message that 4.2 million formerly uninsured Americans now have health insurance.  It’s probably closer to the truth that the 4.2 million are part of the six million people who lost their insurance as a result of the health care mandate, and signed up out of fear.

It also appears that President Obama is including in the 4.2 million number those who might have merely logged on and off the website.  Browsing versus buying insurance is sort of like a store owner bragging about having one million customers when 500,000 of them only passed through to use the restroom.

In other words, Obama and Kathleen "Clueless" Sebelius are counting flushes as ObamaCare successes.

And while being a victim of Obama’s social experiment can be perplexing, confusing, and infuriating to many, what’s shocking to see is how the president pretends he doesn’t recognize the contradictions and obfuscations he perpetrates every time he opens his mouth.

For example, in a recent effort to convince younger, healthier Americans to shoulder the financial burden of ObamaCare, the president granted an interview to WebMD, where he talked with health care reform expert Lisa Zamosky

As it stands right now, the Affordable Care Act is three million people short of the seven million goal that the administration claimed was needed by the March 31 deadline.  And again, in addition to only 4.2 million signing up, six million who had insurance are now without insurance.

Compounding the issue is the inability to confirm the current 4.2 million figure or verify how many of those who ostensibly signed up actually paid the premium.  So even if the number the White House is crowing about really did enroll and pay, that is still about three million shy of the target of seven million, and 1.8 million short of making up for the six million insured people who had their health care canceled against their will. 

Nonetheless, based on the estimation of the only man in America who actually believes he visited “57 states,” the unverifiable number of enrollees, in his opinion, is undoubtedly “large enough” to deliver stability to a health care fiasco everyone knows is unstable.

That sort of faulty logic is typical Barack Obama.  Let’s remember, this is a guy whose abnormal frame of reference causes him to interpret situations that portend failure as positive achievements.

And the absurdity doesn’t stop there; after President Obama misrepresented the sufficiency of 4.2 million versus 7 million enrollees, he topped off his delusional optimism by admitting another thing Americans will "have to do."

Far be it from me to point this out, but lately doesn’t it seem like Barack Obama relishes telling people what they "have to do" almost as much as he enjoys golfing?

Anyway, here’s what the man who said in 2009, “[N]o matter what you've heard, if you like your doctor and health care plan, you can keep it” had to say in 2014:

For the average person – many folks who don't have health insurance initially – they're going to have to make some choices. And they might end up having to switch doctors, in part because they're saving money.

The president used the WebMD interview to shift the blame away from himself when he mentioned that some business health plans require participants to change doctors if they change networks.  In other words, losing the doctor you had for 30 years is businesses’ fault.

Still, the most startling part of the interview was not the admission that the time is near when Americans will no longer be able to choose or keep their doctor.  Oh no!  The most outrageous thing Barack Obama said was that average people without health insurance would be required to “make some choices” to save money on something he is part and party to making unaffordable.

Choices!  Obama actually said that those whose health care choices have been taken away might have to make “choices” about something they have absolutely no choice but to make.

That’s why, based on the endless falsehoods the president perpetrates and the incongruity of claiming "choice" in a policy that has eliminated virtually all choice, Barack Obama has about as much regard for veracity and logic as he has for the fuel he wastes flying around to fundraisers on Air Force One.

It has become clear that Barack Obama is still hustling the American people to get the reluctant to further submit to his collective utopian vision.  To add insult to injury, his newest mind-boggling attempt to justify taking away more of our freedoms is to convince those devastated by ObamaCare that choosing a doctor we’d rather not choose is all about choice.

Jeannie hosts a blog at www.jeannie-ology.com.