Hitler's Bund Deutsche Madel and the Neo-Feminist Girl Scouts

When we remember the Jewish children thrown alive into ditches by the Nazis and then think about the  little girls outside Walmart selling cookies, it seems an offense to decency to suggest any comparison between the Bund Deutsche Madel (League of German Girls, or BDM) and the Girl Scouts.  Nevertheless, both Nazism and post-1960s American feminism (neo-feminism in this essay) envision exclusionary, utopian socialist societies.  Both indoctrinate girls from a young age to advance their visions.  And there are parallels in structure, activities, and ethos.

Changes to the Girl Scout Law reveal the core of the shifts from individually focused, morally based foundations to a neo-feminist mindset.  The Law I memorized as a Brownie listed virtues to emulate in every situation.  The current Law vitiates virtues into vague, situationally specific, anti-moral formulations that involve making self-directed choices.  Hitler’s utopia was racially pure, while the neo-feminist Girl Scout utopia is a sexually empowered, female-centric, self-esteeming, gender-bending journey.  Both are against human nature, and both nourish the seeds of catastrophe within their premises.

The current Law drops “courteous” for “courage and strength.”  “Thrifty” becomes the progressive gobbledygook “use resources wisely.”  Even worse, the matchless virtues to be “clean in thought, word and deed” become the socialist cliché “make the world a better place.”

The Girl Scout Law


1996 (Current)

1. A Girl Scout's Honor Is to be Trusted
2. A Girl Scout Is Loyal
3. A Girl Scout's Duty Is to be Useful and to Help Others
4. A Girl Scout is a Friend to All, and a Sister to every other Girl Scout
5. A Girl Scout Is Courteous
6. A Girl Scout Is a Friend to Animals
7. A Girl Scout Obeys Orders
8. A Girl Scout is Cheerful
9. A Girl Scout is Thrifty
10. A Girl Scout is Clean in Thought, Word and Deed.

I will do my best to be
honest and fair,
friendly and helpful,
considerate and caring,
courageous and strong, and
responsible for what I say and do,
and to
respect myself and others,
respect authority,
use resources wisely,
make the world a better place,
and be a sister to every Girl Scout.


1. Training girls into new identities of “leadership” and “power” to serve socialist worldviews.

The BDM was founded in 1930 for 10-year-old girls, with membership becoming compulsory in 1936.  Its goals were to reinforce traditional roles for women but also to extend them beyond home and family to serve the state.  The leader of the BDM had to be unmarried; one was an open lesbian.  The BDM yearbook, Madel – eure Welt, describes Hitler’s ideal girl, who could have been written by the Girl Scout’s marketing team:

Our volk need a generation of girls which is healthy in body and mind, sure and decisive, proudly and confidently going forward free of sentimental and rapturous emotions… Such girls will then, by necessity, carry the values of National Socialism into the next generation as the mental bulwark of our people.

From kindergarten, Girl Scouts take three National Leadership Journeys:

·         It’s Your world: Change it!

·         It’s Your Planet: Love it!

·         It’s Your Story: Tell it!

Girls are encouraged to consider how the world is far from perfect.  Material for 6th-graders includes envisioning a society that consistently “respects their needs, values and interests.”  Not an ideal scout, but an ideal world.  What virtue-based skills are gained through considering how bad the world is somewhere?  And an ideal society is one that respects all girls’ needs, values, interests?  Even criminal, immoral, harmful, or selfish ones?

Incredibly – and psychologically damaging to such young girls – even kindergartners are exhorted to “make the world a better place.”  To realize this goal, girls can take a field trip to a public garden – i.e., tourism of socialist utopia, not of Grandma’s zinnias (or worse, Grandpa’s vegetables).

2.  Weakening the focus on home and traditional family.

The neo-feminist Girl Scouts discourages girls at every age who have the goals to be pure until marriage, marry men, have children, and be homemakers.  The words "father," "mother," and "family" are strikingly absent throughout Girl Scout programs, including descriptions of the Journeys.  As a Brownie, I promised to “help other people at all times, especially those at home.”  The truth that the most important people in life are at home is nearly obliterated in the neo-feminist Girl Scouts.

Hitler’s BDM encouraged children to teach their parents.  Der Giftpilz presented the story of a girl who remembered warnings in the nick of time to escape being molested by Jewish doctor.  She convinced her mother that the BDM was right, and she took pride in educating her mother.  The subtle progressive meme that children are born perfect, have nothing to learn, and can teach even their parents runs through today’s Girl Scouts.

3. Indoctrinating girls away from Judeo-Christian virtues and morals.

The central organizing concerns of neo-feminism are sex, sexuality, gender, and reproductive rights.  Girl Scouts still hike and go camping, but the foundational ethos of the organization changed to reject Judeo-Christian morality.  The normalization of the single mother, and the focus on sex, sexuality, and “reproductive rights,” implicitly endorse deeds that have been considered unclean for centuries.

Nazism and neo-feminism arose in Christian countries as reactions against Christian virtues and morals.  Hitler Youth broke up Church youth movements, spied on religious activities, and interfered with Church attendance (see here).  The neo-feminist Girls Scouts also became an anti-Biblical, anti-Christian movement.  For example, in 1993, the Girl Scout policy changed to allow members to substitute any word of their choice for God in the Girl Scout Promise, or to drop God altogether.  The official explanation specifically cited Allah as an alternative word.  But there had been no national outcry for using Allah instead of God.  It was the relentless program to weaken the Biblical moral foundation by devaluing the Judeo-Christian word “God.”

4. Promoting a neo-pagan earth-worship leitmotif.

The cliché that modern environmentalism grew out of Nazism is facile, but there is no doubt that Nazism and “green thinking” were inextricable.  How Green Were the Nazis? examines that history and explores, among related topics, how German environmentalism may have contributed to the dehumanization of classes of people.

The Girl Scouts’ relentless preoccupation with global warming is central to their “movement.”  Beginning with the Daisies, Girl Scouts are urged to “develop a keen environmental awareness” through a “Some Like it Hot!” activity and a Global Warming Action Plan.  These babies are taught to love dirt first, because people are the problem.  In the Forever Green project, Girl Scouts were encouraged to sign a global warming pledge urging their representatives to pass anti-greenhouse gas legislation.  After questions were raised about its political advocacy, GSA denied any political advocacy, then removed the pledge from its website.

5. Promoting “final solutions” against a class of humans who pose a threat to the new envisioned society.

The worldviews of the Nazis, and the directors of the Girl Scouts for the last four decades as well as their corporate sponsors, support identifying classes of human beings who are denied human value and considered appropriate to be killed.  Both have the unspoken but clear goal of indoctrinating girls into being willing to kill humans in those classes, and to accept, rationalize, and justify these forms of taking human life in the service of an ideal society.

The neo-feminist Girl Scouts’  longstanding ties to Planned Parenthood are well-documented.  Recently, Vice President of Communications Kelly Parisi parsed words to undo the Girl Scout recognition of Wendy Davis as an “incredible lady.”  Parisi's previous job was as an executive in the Ms. Foundation, whose first "issue" is access to abortion.  That foundation was started by Gloria Steinem, infamous national leader for abortion for many years.  She is lauded in official Girl Scout publications as an esteemed role model for girls (see here and here).

This essay does not suggest that Girl Scouts or their current leaders are, personally, Nazis.  Rather, it points out parallels in their strategic approaches to promoting their causes.

Each American of honor must decide for him- or herself what to do when evil takes over the great institutions of American history.  I suggest a reclamation of the pre-'60s Scouts programs.  Restore an English-only program called Girl Scouts Reoriented that is based on the early Promise and Laws.  Honor God, family, and the USA; sell cookies; reject corporate money; and boycott all major neo-feminist corporate donors, starting with Dove Soap.  If there is a legal battle, welcome it.  They cannot arrest 100,000 Brownies.

When they came for the Girl Scouts, I did nothing...until today.

The Girl Scouts and I were both born on March 12.  A diploma informed my proud mother I had been invested into the Cradle Scouts at birth and that I was a Girl Scout for life.  This essay is dedicated to the memory of my mother, a Jewish woman of honor.

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