Are Liberals Less Selfish Than Other People?

Liberals claim to be better than other mortals.   Liberals, they tell us, are a political anomaly who vote for other people’s benefit, not their own.  Democrats see themselves as the generous party, the saviors of the needy, the elderly, the minority underdog against the cruel hand of fate and Republicans. Liberals are right: there is a difference in caring that shows up along party lines.  Conservatives give more, a lot more.  They aren’t content with good-hearted wishes, they do good deeds, turning wishes into actions.  Conservatives are ten times more personally charitable, even to secular causes.  They do far more volunteer work.  They even give more blood.  Conservatives do more to help the poor, the sick, minorities, the environment.  People who want small government give an average of $1600 a year versus a measly $140 given by redistributionists.  It’s not because conservatives are richer; the opposite...(Read Full Article)