Our Weakness, Their Aggression

Plans are afoot to further shrink our military at the direction of a president who seems oddly committed to exposing the United States to attack.  As Russia, China, and North Korea openly increase their stockpiles and capabilities, President Obama openly increases his devotion to socialism, spreading the diminishing wealth to those whose votes are needed to purchase our destruction.  He seems to have concluded that it is better to become communist than fight them. This “patriot”, as Bill O’Reilly fondly calls him, not only knows that the United States is in danger, he relishes it.  How else to explain that, far from lamenting the aggression of our enemies and responding to the growing threat by countering or meeting it, he enhances the risk by reducing our already smaller defensive options.   This must be the greater flexibility that comes with a second term, about which the Russians seemed so pleased.  No wonder. It has been well...(Read Full Article)