Obama Twerks America

No... you cannot keep your insurance, no matter how much you like it. You also can't keep your doctor, or your full-time job. Twenty-nine hours a week or less of gainful employment will have to suffice going forward.

And that's a good thing. Just ask any Democrat -- it's freedom from job-lock. Americans, thanks to Barack Obama, now have the right to be unemployed. I love the smell of progressives in the morning... they smell like... bull@#$&.

Besides, stop your whining, are there not food stamps, acquirable in an instant? How much does he have to do for you people?

Are there not numerous other forms of government largesse, available to you, the downtrodden 99%, beset by such inequality as has never been seen in the annals of recorded history? Why do you need to work? Untying self-esteem from productivity is one of the many gifts of Obamanomics.

What you can keep, however, is your president -- for another three tortuous years.

Now, doesn't that make you happy?

Despite his numerous impeachable offenses, elucidated so perfectly by Andrew McCarthy, impeachment is not on the horizon. The table is not set. The average man, ever evolving, still considers Barack Obama a nice guy, perhaps incompetent and obviously a liar, but not criminal or worse yet... evil.

No, America is stuck with him and his expansive understanding of presidential power and prerogative -- for another 3 years.

The good news is that this is the worst-case scenario, 3 years of dear leader, Emperor Barack, his royal highness, will not sound a death knell for America, especially now that no person worldwide takes him seriously.

Sure, China is provoking war in the South and East China Seas as it seeks the regional hegemony it considers its due. So what? The only nation that can stop them is occupied with pajama boy and his cup of hot chocolate.

It's the same with Iran; they have taken the measure of dear leader and found him wanting -- rinse and repeat... it's going to be a rough 3 years.

Weakness begets arrogance, has it ever not been so? In the schoolyard, the first time lunch money is taken is never the last time. Obama is weak and the world knows it. If you want to attack and damage America, you have but 3 years to do so.

Yet, here is Barry with his tee times and endless vacations and 'let's bring them all to the White House' parties. He has imaginary sons who look like Trayvon and aren't allowed to play football. For Barry and his minions, that's enough.

It's all Beyoncé and bad dreams for the next 3 years. Let's hope China and Iran are not paying too much attention. It's a pipe dream, I know, but it's not like little Barry is going to grow a pair, now is it?

Looking back at the damage he has done, through serial incompetence or deliberate evil -- take your pick, it doesn't matter. The result has been the weakening of our beloved nation at home and abroad.

America has lost an entire decade in service of Barack Obama's vanity. Yet, America will recover.

The most dangerous part of this entire facile charade is that Barry actually believes he is doing a bang-up job, and his hoary (or is it whore-y) claque of sycophants, do as well. Talk about the soft bigotry of low expectations.

But let's face it, it's not likely he will become less incompetent -- a man already confident he knows everything, has no room for self-improvement.

If his actions were deliberate, why would he change after so effectively destroying the nation's economy and geopolitical position and power the world over, lo these past 5 years?

There aren't many things that can save the nation from the damage Barry has the potential to cause during the remainder of his presidency.

Well, there is one thing...

ObamaCare is the gift that keeps on giving -- remember, the worm always turns.

Healthcare in America accounts for one-sixth of our more than thirteen-trillion-dollar economy.

That one-sixth, they would have us believe, doesn't matter to the other five-sixths, because they will always be Barry now, Barry tomorrow, and Barry forever... right?

Well... no, it might be more accurate to say that healthcare affects every American one-sixth of the time. Healthcare is always there, even for those who don't think about it, even for the invincibles the regime is relying on to pay for its ObamaCare promises.

ObamaCare relies on the many to pay much more for much less, so that the few can pay not much less for not much more -- if any.

And that, my friends, is a prescription for failure, or success in the future, depending how you look at it.

The press can prop it up. The administration can fudge the numbers. Through executive orders, Barry can continue to tweak the program, yet each successive tweak looks more and more like a twerk.

Obama is twerking America -- and we have three more years of it.

But when the many see how the program hits their wallet, and degrades their healthcare, damaging their own and their children's lives, they will not be happy. They will be looking for heads to roll.

A man's (or woman's) wallet is a most precious possession. It is, rightly or wrongly, one of the fountains from which much self-worth and value spout forth.

Hit a citizen in his wallet, and he will never forget you.

ObamaCare is going to affect, in a negative way, almost every person in America -- and 2014 through 2016 is when the hammer drops -- on all our heads.

Therein, you have the turning of the worm.

We've already had 5 million people in the individual insurance market lose their coverage. The next year should see the 120 million employer-provided insurance policies reevaluated in accordance with ObamaCare coverage mandates and either cancelled outright or restructured to come into compliance (you know, made more expensive). Even if employers agree to absorb some of the increase in cost, I think it is fair to say most will push a great deal of that cost onto the employee.

Gosh, workers are going to be ecstatic about that. After all, who doesn't want to pay more for less, so that little Barry can pretend he is more than he is, and have a legacy that bears his name.

It will probably be true that by Election Day 2014, there will be fewer people with health insurance than there were when Barry and his clique sold ObamaCare as universal insurance.

I don't know where you live, but where I hang my hat, many during the next year will be calling for Barack's head. Most of those will be people who voted for him last time around. Lying to people, is just not a good tactic, period.

Is Barry impeachable? Today, probably not -- more people need to suffer. Otherwise, they will continue to elect empty suits whose sole qualifications are an ability to read a good speech and blame those who came before them. Isn't it sad that the citizens of our great nation, need to suffer in order to understand the damage that has been done?

ObamaCare will easily expand the ranks of the suffering during the coming years and that in turn may perhaps expand the ranks of those who have had enough of the chimera of "hope and change."

The 2014 midterms are the key; the senate is in play, and the tens of millions of the newly miserable created during the coming months, barring any idiocy from the Republican Party, will throw the senate majority into the GOP's lap -- now that's a lap dance I can live with (although not nearly as much fun as the other kind).

Then, all you have to worry about is Barry's pen and phone -- frankly, I just can't see Barry doing a whole lot of phoning; too tiring. He'll have an assistant dial while he lays back, eating peeled grapes from the hands of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid (they're really no good unless they're peeled you know, and would you begrudge the president his leisure?).

Three more years of Barry may not sink the nation, but we can cling to the hope that ObamaCare may sink Barry.

All is not lost, no matter how it feels.

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