Leading British Conservative: Immigration Makes Us 'Give Up Our Culture and Identity'

America is not the only nation roiled by immigration debates.  England, like many Western nations, is also in the midst of a heated one. Douglas Murray, one of England's leading conservative intellectuals, has just made a major contribution to the discussion in his country. In a thought-provoking speech, Murray argued that the people of England are "giving up our culture" and "giving up our identity" due to high levels of immigration.  He warned that soon, we may unfortunately say that "the peoples of Britain and Europe have lost their place in the world." The forum for Murray's speech was a debate in Oxford University in January.  "It's going to require quite a lot of fairly clear, tough, frank thinking" for Britain to confront questions about immigration, Murray began.  He pointed out that he is "not against immigration," but that the speed and rate of immigration have been far too high for far too long. Past waves of immigrants came...(Read Full Article)