GOP Leaders Won't Escape Conservative Voters' Wrath

Oh, lookie, Speaker John Boehner and his dimwits have decided that riling up the party's base over immigration reform isn't so smart after all, not in an election year. Instead, the speaker and his dwarves will seek to "calm" a divided party, or so reported the Washington Post on Monday. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is all-in for the soothing music and back rubs approach for aggravated Tea Party patriots and grassroots conservatives.

But it won't work. Boehner's little stunt -- pushing Paul Ryan's immigration cave-in -- at the Stupid Party's retreat at Williamsburg in January has only highlighted the need to dump Boehner and McConnell come January 2015. Let's not forget those on Boehner's and McConnell's leadership teams. No successions in 2015. In other words, no Cantor step-up in the House and no Cornyn succession in the Senate -- that is, if Texas senator John Cornyn survives an intraparty challenge that's showing signs of being serious.

As much as Boehner's immigration giveaway gambit should disturb the grassroots, the speaker making good on his past threat to cobble together majority coalitions of willing Republicans and Democrats to pass legislation unacceptable to the grassroots should be just as vexing.

The speaker rammed through a porky farm bill and another debt increase on the strength of Democrat votes. Boehner's permitting some shifty House Republicans to "take a walk" on controversial measures, so that they may appeal to party voters that their hands are clean. Others -- bona fide conservatives -- are simply walking out on the speaker. Regardless, the speaker has lost his ability to command the support of his caucus. In a parliament, Boehner would have been ousted on a no confidence vote much earlier in his term.

Per the Washington Post article, this from the garrulous Vice President of the United States, Cheatin' Joe Biden:

Democrats have seized on Republicans' hesitancy to pursue hot-button issues, arguing that it is evidence of crippling division. On Friday, Vice President Biden, speaking at House Democrats' retreat in Cambridge, Md., said, "There isn't a Republican Party."

Biden's not entirely wrong -- for a change. The establishment GOP, in a fit of me-tooism, threw away the party's conservative compass to settle in -- once again -- as dutiful managers of the Democrats' gargantuan government. It's easier than fighting and the pay and perks are swell. The division in the GOP will continue until the establishment is given the boot and real conservatives assume leadership roles, in and out of Congress.

Then Biden veers off, showing that he, too, is, in his heart of hearts, a hack pol, albeit with a much nastier hue, and not a sage:

"Between now and November is three political lifetimes," Biden said. "The American people are where we are. And let's go out and make every single effort not just to defend, but to aggressively push our agenda."

The American people, in general, are foursquare against the biggest -- and most failed -- federal government grab of our lifetimes, Joe. It's called "ObamaCare," and running against it -- and for its complete repeal -- should be the aim of every Republican from Barrow, Alaska, to Key West, Florida. That, not immigration capitulation, should have been Boehner's intense focus at the Williamsburg retreat. And the economy, which includes jobs. Oh, and the Obama scandals, which Boehner and McConnell have eased off of, owing to their razor-sharp political instincts (drum roll!).

Your party, Joe, could be fried and fricasseed if the GOP had a gutsy set of leaders committed to dissecting Mr. Obama's many failures and overreaches and offering bold freedom-loving reforms. But gutsy isn't part of any GOP establishment job description.

As John and Mitch would prefer, though, let's close with a soothing ditty from Enya, "Only Time," as in it's only a matter of time before conservatives usher Boehner and McConnell to their tee times at the Villages. Take it away, Enya. 

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