Dishonor at Sochi

If you would like to have a readily accessible glimpse from your armchair into the real neo-Soviet horror that is taking place in Vladimir Putin's Russia these days, you could not do better than perusing an article recently published by Russia Beyond the Headlines (RBTH) entitled "VIP turnout at Sochi: Trouble, but not a tragedy." The article was penned by one Gevorg Mirzayan, identified as a correspondent for the Russian magazine Expert and a research fellow at the U.S. and Canada Studies Institute of the Kremlin-operated Russian Academy of Sciences. In other words, he's one of Putin's henchmen, as are the editors of RBTH, which is Kremlin-funded and run. Every paragraph in Mirzayan's piece contains an outrageously misleading statement or outright lie, clearly published for the propaganda purpose of blunting a tidal wave of criticism rolling over the 2014 Olympiad. As an example of that wave, take for instance the words of leading Russia scholar Angele Stent of Georgetown University...(Read Full Article)