Why not a Third Option?

It is disappointing that the Obama administration sees only two options on the issue of Iran -- either war or appeasing and empowering the scheming clergy, who have been repeatedly proven untrustworthy over the last 35 years.

In all policymaking by the United States' government, the will and the approval of the citizens is important. However, when it comes to Iran, President Obama follows the dictators, as though there are no citizens living in that country or the value of the citizens of Iran is much less than the value of the citizens of the United States.

There is no "third option" in anyone's mind. The media parrots the administration's policy and the common-sense option of "change of regime" is not even mentioned.

The United States can impose not only strong financial sanctions against the clergy but punishment for their brutal violations of the human rights of children, women, and the men of Iran, that will weaken them and empower the people. By supporting the people, we will help them send the clergy back to the mosque or the Evin Prison for life. The mullahs' regime is made of a rogue group of mostly corrupt Islamist men, who have hired another group of corrupt bullies to protect them and keep them in power. Together this handful of men has wreaked havoc in Iran and has sponsored a chain of bloody international terrorist strikes around the world.

In addition, it is common knowledge that this handful of men has an ideology set by their founding father Khomeini -- that Iran is their platform to spread their Islamistm ideology throughout the world. To reach that goal they need the wealth of Iran to enable them to buy arms, nuclear bombs, governments, people, and policies.

The clergy of Iran has been doing exactly what they have been berating the United States for doing, beginning with Ayatollah Khomeini before 1979. They have been the imperialists who have been infiltrating and interfering in the internal affairs of many countries in the Middle East, in Africa, South America, and even in the politics of the United States.

No one in the world can criticize the United States for helping the Iranians to achieve freedom and democracy either. There is no risk in changing the regime in Iran as there wais in Egypt or Syria, because they have already been there, done that, and want out.

Then why are Messers. Obama and Kerry taking such a big risk on American security and such an inhumane approach to human rights to keep the Islamist mullahs in power and even refuse to mention human rights in their treaties? Why did Obama refuse to support the Iranian students in 2009?

President Obama and Mullah Hassan Rouhani are united in threatening the bipartisan Senate sanction. One by threat of vetoing the bill, and the other by propaganda of warmongering.

Unfortunately, there are organizations like MoveOn.org, that stand by the dictators also. It is questionable how anti-religious "progressive" people can support the regressive Moslem clergy, and when asked about their logic say; we are against war, and or as President Obama said; "the United States will not interfere in the internal affairs of Iran". However, the question is, whose internal affairs? the regime or the people?

So far the Obama administration has picked and chosen whose internal affairs to intervene in and who does not deserve intervention. The Egyptians, Libyans, and Tunisians where the lucky chosen people, however, the Iranians or the Syrians do not deserve democracy.

The international community and President Obama are not seriously interested in ending the danger of nuclear weapons and international terrorism, although the president continues talking about it. They know that the mullahs will eventually get their bomb and by allowing them time and the funding they will develop their bomb.

The next move will be by the Saudi king who will buy his own nuclear bombs. Iraq would also need one or two nuclear bombs that Iranian Shia clergy will provide to Iraqi Shias, that in turn will force the Saudi king to buy one for the Iraqi Sunnis. Let us not forget Al-Qaida and the Moslem Brotherhood, who have access to funds and martyrs. The result is a domino effect that will create a dangerous powder keg in the region, while it can be prevented by changing the regime by supporting the people of Iran, as President Obama did in Egypt.