Who Will Obama Blame for his Failed Iran Policy? The Jews, of Course

As the Iran sanctions bill gains bipartisan and expansive support in the Senate, the Obama White House is in panic mode.  From threatening to veto the legislation to accusing Senators who support the new sanctions bill of pushing for war with Iran, President Obama is using all of the down and dirty mobster-style tactics he can muster.  He fears having to make some tough decisions down the road when Iran either walks away from negotiations or fails to fulfill its commitment to halt its nuclear weapons program.  His aim is to buy himself another three years and kick the can to his successor even if that means that Iran will go nuclear under his watch. But while Obama is putting all of the pressure on Democrats to side with him (and Iran) on this issue, he may also be setting up a fall guy if the mullahs do indeed walk away from the table or if they fail to meet their obligations under an interim deal.  The Soros-funded and Obama surrogate Moveon.org has begun a...(Read Full Article)