What Would You Do If Your Unmarried Daughter Got Pregnant?

Your unmarried daughter comes to you in tears.  She's pregnant and wants to have the baby.  You think long and hard about the best course of action.

But wait - no need to think about the difficult challenges of having the baby, finishing school and getting a job. No need to find out who the father is or if marriage is an option.  No need for your daughter to grow up fast and start taking responsibility for herself and her child.

Uncle Sam will take care of everything. Uncle Sam tells your daughter:  You're not responsible.  The father is not responsible either. It's society's fault, and society will pay.  I am the government, and we have real compassion for you. 

Despite President Obama's endless speeches about how stingy we are, and how unfair it is to allow people to live in poverty, his phony statistics do not include existing poverty programs, on which we spend a trillion dollars annually.  He's still claiming "the rich" want people to go hungry, but hunger in America is a solved problem.  Only the rare child is in a family so dysfunctional that they ever miss a single meal.  Same for adults.  That is why Federal programs don't use the word "hunger" anymore (they would have no one to serve), they talk of food "insecurity," which means not having extra food.   

What was supposed to be a 'safety net' is a lifetime of free housing, food, medical care, a two bedroom house, a flat screen TV, a car, air conditioning, a computer and an x-box.  This is the lifestyle of the average family under the poverty line, according to federal statistics. 

There is no kindness in these toxic gifts.  Thanks to Uncle Sam's free stuff, your daughter will never finish high school or get a job.  She'll live in a dispiriting sub-culture where few people work, self-respect and dignity are hard to come by, self-destruction and violence abounds.  Uncle Sam took an upwardly mobile, functioning black community and through good intentions, turned it into one of predatory men, women struggling on their own, and neglected children running wild.    

No one would ruin their own child's life that way. 

So why are we doing it to someone else's child? 

Because it works for Democrats.

Your daughter will vote Democrat for the rest of her life. 

Those of us in the boomer generation have seen the War on Poverty, launched with such hope, destroy the people it was meant to help - and their children, and their children's children.  It is a nightmare from which the country can't seem to wake up.  Yet for Democrats, it is a beautiful dream, a twofer that gives them a sense of moral superiority as the party of compassion, and keeps them in power. 

Government gifts keep people in poverty.  Period.

To be clear: There is no evidence that people on welfare are lazy. Indeed, surveys of them consistently show their desire for a job. But they're also not stupid. If you pay them more not to work than they can earn by working, many will choose not to work.

Thanks to Democrats, people on the government dole, are doomed to stay on the government dole.  Benefits for a mother and two children are $60,590 in Hawaii, $38,000 in New York, and are higher than minimum wage jobs in most states. Single mothers in New York would need to earn more than a new teacher to break even. 

It is baked in: the government can't spend money to reduce poverty; the more they spend, the more it pays to stay poor.

One of the most important steps toward avoiding or getting out of poverty is a job. Only 2.6 percent of full-time workers are poor, vs. 23.9 percent of adults who don't work. ...starting at a minimum-wage job can be a springboard out of poverty.

Not one single welfare program helps people out of poverty.  They cushion poverty so it is very comfortable indeed. 

Destroy people's independence and sense of responsibility, as our government largess does, and you have destroyed them completely.  That is why black conservatives call the Democrat Party the Democrat Plantation.  See Llyod Marcus, Mia Love, Herman Cain, Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory,  Adrienne Ross, Allen West, Nina May,  C. Mason Weaver, C.L Bryant, Deneen Borelli, Star Parker, Jesse Lee Peterson, Angela McGlowan.  

The worst part is that people can get themselves out of poverty.    It is not all that hard.  Get married, and your chance of being poor shrinks by 80%.  Get a job, any job, even minimum wage, and it shrinks to 3%.  Want self-respect?  It's free, but has to be earned.  Everyone has the ability to learn from their mistakes, and face life's challenges.  Self-respect and dignity will follow. 

Read Dr. Thomas Sowell: American blacks were on an upward mobility trend, on their way out into a good working and middle class life, when the War on Poverty cut them off at the knees.

The economic rise of blacks began decades earlier, before any of the (War on Poverty) legislation and policies that are credited with producing that rise. The continuation of the rise of blacks out of poverty did not - repeat, did not - accelerate during the 1960s.

The poverty rate among black families fell from 87 percent in 1940 to 47 percent in 1960, during an era of virtually no major civil rights legislation or anti-poverty programs. ...

In various skilled trades, the incomes of blacks relative to whites more than doubled between 1936 and 1959 - that is, before the magic 1960s decade when supposedly all progress began. The rise of blacks in professional and other high-level occupations was greater in the five years preceding the Civil Rights Act of 1964 than in the five years afterwards.

Being realistic is not cruel, it does not mean you hate poor people or black people, or that you are selfish.  Commonsense, traditional wisdom actually works in the real world.  It delivers the good things in life, as government can't.   It is not too hard for ordinary people.  And it is not something anyone else can do for you:  each person has to do it for themselves.  Conservatives - the only realists in this country - want to help the downtrodden improve their lives.  

Democrats buy their votes with money, congratulate themselves for compassion, and ignore the consequences. 

This is simple reality that cannot be changed by a speech or voted out of office.