Thuggin' 101: Thug Caregivers Teach Toddler To 'Keep It Real'

In 2012, the city of Omaha unfathomably accounted for nearly 80% of Nebraska's homicides.  Over the years, that harrowing statistic has remained consistent, with most of the murders disproportionately occurring in north Omaha, which is primarily black.

Although blacks are only 13.7% of Omaha's population, reported:

[O]maha's streets in recent years have become among the deadliest places in America for blacks.  Fueled by gun violence in northeast Omaha, Nebraska has the third-highest black homicide rate in the nation, according to the latest compilation of detailed national homicide statistics.

To the Grievance Industry's dismay, blacks in Omaha aren't being murdered by people who share George Zimmerman's pigmentation; regrettably, they're murdered by people who share George Jefferson's pigmentation.

Quite simply, Omaha's inner-city quandary isn't unique.  This bloody trend dominates America's urban landscapes because the natives interpret murder and mayhem as "keepin' it real."  I thoroughly dissect this warped mindset that plagues the Black community in my book, The Un-Civil War: Blacks vs Ni**ers.  In the hood, "keepin' it real" isn't just a's an encouraged lifestyle.  In fact, the hood would religiously practice Kwanzaa if Kwanzaa's tenets were based on "keepin' it real."

When Omaha's police chief, Todd Schmaderer, was asked to speculate on why an overwhelming majority of Nebraska's homicides were clustered in north Omaha, he responded, "I don't see what purpose that serves."  In other words, political correctness trumps public safety.  The Grievance Industry would be proud of him.

Fortunately, the recent action of the Omaha Police Officers Association demonstrates that (unlike their police chief) they know why Omaha's violence is concentrated in certain areas.  The violence is undeniably linked to thug culture.  To prove said point about the violence, and create an honest dialogue, the OPOA posted a controversial video onto their website that was taken from a local gangbanger's Facebook page.  

In response to the posting, police chief Schmaderer issued a statement saying, "I strongly disagree with any postings that may cause a divide in our community or an obstacle to police community relations."  Again, the Grievance Industry would be proud.  After all, only the Grievance Industry is allowed to "cause a divide in our community or an obstacle to police community relations."

The OPOA explained their intent for posting the video:

We here at viewed the video and we knew that despite the fact that it is sickening, heartbreaking footage, we have an obligation to share it to continue to educate the law abiding public about the terrible cycle of violence and thuggery that some young innocent children find themselves helplessly trapped in.

The "sickening, heartbreaking footage" showed a diaper-wearing black toddler being instructed by a male and female caregiver (believed to be relatives) to use profanities and thug gestures for their entertainment.  At one point in the almost minute-and-a-half-long video, the female tells the child to flip his middle finger to the male and say, "Suck my d***."  Not to be outdone, the male then tells the toddler to say, "I need some p**** today, I'm throwing a fit right now."

Sadly, instead of being potty-trained, the toddler was learning to be potty-mouthed.  Excessive vulgarity is another tenet of "keepin' it real," and apparently, "keepin' it real" is so easy that even a toddler can do it.

One doesn't have to be a fortune teller to foresee that social workers, law enforcement, public defenders, and probation/parole officers will be re-occurring characters in this child's life (at taxpayers' expense).

As for the gangbanger who created the video, he posted a nonsensical rant on OPOA's Facebook page, which took aim at those advocating for the child.

The timely footage provided an unadulterated glimpse into the dysfunctional world of a criminally prone subculture whose identity is intentionally based on antisocial behaviors.

Unsurprisingly, the sympathizers, apologists, and deniers are upset with the Omaha Police Officers Association for daring to highlight the subculture's destructive impact.

The misplaced anger of the sympathizers, apologists, and deniers simply means that the OPOA is onto something.  Stay the course, OPOA.  Hopefully, more police associations and citizens will join the revolution.

 Taleeb Starkes is the author of an Amazon #1 bestseller that confronts the subculture within the black community, titled The Un-Civil War: Blacks vs Ni**ers.  Find Taleeb on Twitter.

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