The Hypocrisy of Hollywood

That Hollywood is no longer a source of entertainment but now a source of (liberal) propaganda isn't exactly news. Even avowed leftists will admit that film and television are solidly the domain of progressive liberalism and that progressive messaging is embedded in just about everything Hollywood produces. From children's programming to the gratuitous "awards shows" that basically feature writers, actors, and producers giving awards to one another, it's either bold and in-your-face or latent and just beneath the surface -- but its there. The overt liberalism that is the entertainment industry is indisputable.

The entire state of California is radically blue (from a legislative point of view), and the segment of it known as "Tinseltown" is basically a caricature of itself. These people have a very high pulpit from which to preach and they habitually use is to its full advantage.

The entertainment industry is full of famous and infamous individuals who wholly support and verbally tout the most extreme of liberal policies and causes. More remarkable than their slavish devotion to all things progressive is how these people either cannot see or chose to ignore the massive flames of hypocrisy raging all around them. For instance, global warming and the need for a "green" planet.

These mouthy Hollywood stars are millionaires many times over and as is the case with most human beings, their homes, automobiles and lifestyles tend to reflect their income and personal net worth. Turn on E!, MTV's "Cribs", pick up a magazine or tabloid sometime and take a look. They virtually all drive huge luxury SUV's or exotic sports cars that get nine miles-per-gallon (downhill, with a tail wind), live in 20,000 square foot, 12-bedroom mansions with theaters, bowling alleys, indoor pools, multiple kitchens, etc., which require heating, air conditioning, lawn maintenance, and generally suck up massive amounts of power -- mostly from coal-fired power plants (which the politicians they're supporting are trying to eliminate.) They travel on privately-chartered jets and get around city streets in limousines large enough for 10 occupants but carrying just one.

Moreover, many of these entertainers are motion-picture action stars. Could anything be more environmentally unfriendly than the production of today's action flicks? All are rife with car chases and massive explosions. The size and scale of stuff blowing up gets bigger and bigger. In each of these movies huge plumes of thick black smoke goes billowing into the sky to supposedly eat away at our ozone layer. But apparently that's okay if there's a paycheck in it for the actor. But you and I? These same people want you and me to upgrade to a 90% efficient furnace, drive a car the size of a shoebox, and heat our homes to no more than 68 degrees to help save the planet.

Virtually all of the Hollywood elitists march in lockstep with the Democrat Party and its freakishly cultish devotion to abortion and gun-control legislation. They scream bloody murder when a deranged person walks into a building and shoots the place up, but look the other way when it comes to the million a year who are liquefied and sucked out of their own mother's wombs. "We've got to get rid of the guns to save lives", but we've got to keep "choice" so we can keep on destroying lives. Talk about having it both ways. They will volunteer time to support a cause trying to save the eggs of the Dusky Seaside Sparrow but would not lift one finger to save a human being in the same state of existence.

These same people produce the most ultra-violent movies imaginable, filled with more gun violence in an hour than the United States sees in a year. You'd think them the most pro-gun, pro-2nd amendment, NRA-friendly people on the planet. In these movies (and games) they're grabbing guns and shooting people to death at a breakneck pace. Yet, they come out in favor of more restrictions on gun ownership and take zero responsibility for so much as the possibility that the products they produce and feed our society may at least in some way be contributing to the ill people who go out and do in real life what they see these Hollywood stars do on the screen.

Jamie Foxx achieved an amazing feat in back-to-back months in 2012. So wholly bought into the president's vision and agenda that in November of that year he used his speaker's platform at the annual Soul Train Awards show to publicly announce Barack Obama "our lord and savior." The very next month, in what could be one of the sickest gifts ever given the American public, Django Unchained was released on December 25th. Perfect for getting families into the holiday spirit, the Quentin Tarantino movie features an over-the-top amount of violence and deaths by gunshot even by mega-death movie director Tarantino's lofty standards. Fox plays the title role of Django, who engages in a grisly, blood-soaked gore fest resulting in 64 people being killed in its 165-minute run time. Not only did this bloody, shoot 'em all violence-fest rack up such an appalling body count, Hollywood then saw fit to bestow upon it not one but two Academy Awards.

Then there's Sean Penn. An actor to the ideological left of President Obama (if that's possible) who's known for chumming up to such global do-gooders as deceased Venezualan dictator Hugo Chavez. Penn is another one who walks in lockstep with all aspects of the left's agenda, including sweeping gun-control measures. However, those bold ideals didn't seem to stop him from making and raking in millions from the massive kill count of his 2013 film, Gangster Squad. In all, 55 people get shot and killed from the front, shot from behind, shot in cars, shot on the street, shot in theaters, shot pretty much any and every way a person can get shot. All with grisly, blood, guts, and brain-spattering effects. Originally scheduled for a September 2012 release, the date was moved back in the wake of the deadly theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. Apparently showing a movie in a theater depicting everyone being shot was deemed inappropriate so close to the date when so many went to a theater to see a movie and were shot. But somehow showing it a little later mitigated any inappropriateness. Upon its release for months later, one critic noted, "...the opening scenes play chicken with the audience as they lead up to uncomfortably gory conclusions."

No discussion of Hollywood's wildly liberal outspoken Obama and gun control supporters would be complete without mention of Matt Damon. Mr. Damon is well known as a Hollywood leftie who's movies frequently venture into the (not so) veiled realm of delivering political messages. He is one who, like Senator Diane Feinstein of California would legislate "Mr. & Mrs. America, turn 'em all in" (guns) in a heartbeat if he could. Damon has made tens of millions portraying Jason Bourne. In his Bourne trilogy of movies he's seen shooting myriads of people but the gunplay and violence of his latest film, 2013's wholly anti-capitalist Elysium was summed up by one writer thusly, "True, Elysium's body count does not rival the average slasher film, but few of those films celebrate wanton mortality as deliberately as Elysium." Translation? "While only a few dozen people get shot and killed, the deaths are really, really great."

The Hollywood mega-millionaire population is rife with double-speak, preaching to us by day and going home to their Malibu mansions by night and seemingly not realizing their own hypocrisy (or not caring). Popular conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham wrote a book not so long ago titled Shut Up & Sing essentially saying, "You're paid to sing or act, quit with all the political discourse already." Here's a better idea: Just shut up.

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