The Holder Effect

In spite of the best efforts of the liberal media to first suppress news reports about the Knockout Game phenomenon, and then, when that failed, to poo-poo the idea that any such thing as this violent and obviously race-based crime even existed, the truth will out.  Thanks to the internet, the liberal elites who censor the output of the major news organizations can no longer cover up events that fail to depict contemporary life as they wish it to be.  But even if you don't hear about it or read about it from one of their publications or networks, your chances of learning about these crimes are much better today than just a few years ago when the so-called mainstream media could effectively bury what was unfavorable to their vision of fit to print.

This inability to totally control the dissemination of news now causes the media establishment to put even more than their normal amount of spin on their output when they are forced to cover an issue or risk looking foolish for the outright denial of an ongoing crime wave that everyone knows is growing.  For instance, when they are forced to cover this offense, they still will not use the actual name of Polar Bear Hunting because of its all too obvious racial implications.  Unable to ignore it any longer, they play it down -- especially the racial aspects of it, because that may put our black president, his black attorney general, and all those black and liberal white lawyers in Holder's civil rights division in a bad light because they aren't investigating what appears to be serial hate crime.

Which of course is true; our president is silent on what is a matter of growing public concern primarily among white Americans, who constitute, to date, all but one of the victims of this criminal game.  That he remains silent when it is a particularly supportive and primarily Democrat demographic, white Jewish Americans, who appear to be the most at-risk group, offers even greater testament that the Obama administration and the Holder justice department are deliberately disinclined to prosecute hate crimes where blacks are the perpetrators and whites are the victims.  Jewish Democrats should take heed of this policy where race trumps ideological loyalty.

Liberals who do acknowledge the existence of the Knockout Game and who its perpetrators are, trot out all the old chestnuts about racist white America being responsible for troubled black youth.  I'd like to see Obama, Holder, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and other so-called black leaders and all their white liberal defenders watch this truly disgusting video and then tell us that we, white America, are responsible for such pathologies of black youth as the Knockout Game.

The latest example of a Knockout Game attack is going to make this head-in-the-sand policy a bit difficult to maintain but they are trying their best.  The Daily Caller's lead article from that day has the goods on a young black thug who assaulted an elderly white woman in Rochester, NY recently -- and I do mean the goods, with Facebook videos, photos, and audio boasting that should enable the Rochester Police Department to put him away for a stretch on charges of harassment.  Harassment?  Yep -- according to the RPD spokesperson, Sgt. Elena Correia, the crime committed by the appropriately self-styled True Goon Tocool Sneekey, appears to be harassment, not felony assault, even though True Goon allegedly struck the woman full in the face with his fist at the end of a roundhouse left.  That's some fairly serious harassment by anyone's definition.  And this is not RPD's first attempt to play down this despicable crime.  I'd dearly love to see that portion of the New York criminal code that Sgt. Correia claims to define such an act of felonious assault as harassment, wouldn't you?  Makes you wonder that if some white gun-loving male punched his wife in the face with his fist if that would be handled by the politically correct Rochester Police Department as a case of domestic harassment, hmmm?  Any bets?

Update: New York Teen Arrested In Connection With Videotaped "Knockout Game" Attack On Elderly Woman

It is becoming increasingly disturbing that it is not just the Obama administration and the brown-nosed media that have attempted to sweep this new criminal activity under the rug but these local police departments.  It's happening all over the country, and not just in the major urban centers.  I call this racialization of the law and criminality the Holder Effect, for it was the relatively new attorney general who famously announced that his justice department would side with his people.

Of course, the Holder justice department has not ignored the Knockout Game entirely.  A recent such attack in Houston has been charged as a federal hate crime, and the perp is going to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  Anyone care to guess the races of the perp and the victim?  Mind you, I'm not defending the despicable behavior of this racist and probably mentally unbalanced jerk -- just making the observation that out of the hundreds of these crimes that have occurred, the first Knockout Game perp to be charged by the justice department with a hate crime, and done so with great swiftness, is white.

Holder Effect, indeed...

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