The Dark Enlightenment Hits Stage Two

OK, I admit it.  I hadn't really heard anything above a whisper about the Dark Enlightenment until several putdowns appeared recently here here and here. Huh? I wondered.  What are the Daily Telegraph and the American Spectator getting all riled up about? But I was intrigued. I'd just written a piece that referenced Gandhi's four stages of political progress.  "First they ignore you."  Well that goes without saying.  "Then they laugh at you."  Oh really. So if the guardians of conservative orthodoxy were putting out a bit of ridicule on the Dark Enlightenment front, maybe it was time for me to get up the learning curve direct from "Mencius Moldbug" at Unqualified Reservations and Nick Land at Dark Enlightenment.  Not to mention hbd*chick. If you wonder what all the fuss is about, it centers on HBD, the dangerous notion of Human Biological Diversity, "The set of biological and genetic differences between (and within) groups - specifically, the...(Read Full Article)