Lessons for Obama and Conservatives from Chris Christie

President Obama could learn a thing or two from Governor Chris Christie, who took charge in a press conference on Thursday about "revenge traffic" at the George Washington Bridge -- a new one for seasoned New Jerseyans, who have spent the bulk of their lifetimes battling traffic throughout the state for any number of reasons, none of which has been revenge.

Christie actually investigated the matter within his administration, answered questions put to him by the press, held individuals in his administration accountable -- indeed, firing them -- and did not foist blame on the other party or the media. Were Obama to act like this in regard to any one of the alphabet scandals plaguing his administration, his approval ratings might not be so abysmal.

The press conference is also another learning experience for conservatives. As is always the case when Republicans are in office and have their dirty laundry aired or messy situations to clean up, the press is all hot and bothered about this scandalous "revenge traffic" at the GWB. So they took to grilling Christie with the self-righteousness only they can muster as the fourth check on Republican power -- hoping, I'm sure, he would blow his top.

They certainly did not handle him with the kid gloves we are accustomed to seeing when they interview Obama, Hillary, Holder, Susan Rice, or Kathleen Sebelius. As we know, the press always employs an unmistakable presumption of innocence when liberals are under fire, even when lives have been lost, freedoms infringed upon, funds squandered, and large swaths of the economy appropriated. Here the crime was traffic congestion intentionally imposed out of political revenge.

Conservative politicians are used to frontal assaults by the press even when there is only a whiff of a problem in the air. It is painful to watch the jackals try to elevate this relatively insignificant "revenge traffic" incident to the level of scandal or crisis by calling it "BridgeGate." It is sickening to observe how self-important and infuriated they act when posing their questions to the governor, trying to get to the bottom of "what really happened" and his possible role in it. It is depressing how they try to back the governor into a corner so that he breaks down and confesses his involvement in this drama, immediately disqualifying him for a presidential run.

Had they only been as dogged in their investigations and eager to uncover the truth about Benghazi or the IRS scandals. Had they only demanded answers from Holder on Fast and Furious; Hillary, Obama and Rice on Benghazi; anyone at the IRS on TeaPartyGate. Had they only persisted with ObamaCare, instead of backing off as soon as Obama started highlighting the supposed success stories and turned his attention back to safe territory: income inequality and the one-percenters who cause it.

A girl can dream.

BridgeGate has nothing to do with the underlying "revenge traffic" but is all about using this timely incident to disqualify Christie from any kind of consideration for 2016. Hillary's past is dotted with scandal. Any bid Christie might make for the presidency must be riddled with crises -- manufactured or organic -- in order for the playing field to be level for the Democrat Media Complex. Whether you, the conservative reader, like or support Christie, the fact is he must be taken down given that today he is the frontrunner against Hillary. It's what the press does. And they have taken full advantage of the "revenge traffic" hoopla to start whittling away at any possible Christie presidential run.

This is where we can learn a lesson from Christie. In true Breitbartian fashion, he confronted the situation outright and, like a competent executive, took decisive action.Unless there is a surprise down the turnpike, BridgeGate will amount to nothing more than political roadkill. But understand this: the Democrat Media Complex will do their utmost not to waste this good crisis and will try to get as much out of it as they can.

If Christie makes a run for the Oval Office, do not be surprised when the Democrat Media Complex harkens back ad nauseum to a Christie governorship that was plagued with the BridgeGate scandal during his second term, casting doubt on his ability to pick the right folks to work in a Christie Administration. Blah, blah, blah. We know what the left will do. But how will we respond?

Meg Whitman hid from the press during her last two weeks running for California governor. If any Republican is to defeat Hillary in 2016, he or she, the RNC, every conservative PAC, and every conservative pundit must be confident and fearless in confronting the Democrat Media Complex. We must set the narrative. And like it or not, this is something Christie understands that most Republicans just don't get.

If you don't want him as your nominee, that's fine. Just make sure the person you vote for has the political fortitude to confront the media in a meaningful and positive way. It's the only way we can fight the Hillary machine that is ramping up as we speak.

One postscript: I know I sound like a broken record but Republicans have to start abiding by Reagan's 11th Commandment of "Thou Shalt Not Say Anything Ill About a Fellow Republican."  Rep. Peter King just violated this maxim once again, only this time against Senator Rand Paul. He could have given this interview about the NSA as seen here and simply concluded that he respectfully disagrees with Senator Paul. Instead, he added the heated and politically charged rhetoric that Senator Paul either doesn't know what he's talking about or is part of the "hate America" crowd and doesn't deserve to be in the U.S. Senate spreading lies and misperception.

Rep. King: your comments only serve the interests of the Democrats. As instrumental as Akin and Mourdock were in 2012 to the Democrats' retention of power in the Senate, you will be in 2014 if you don't learn to stifle it.

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