How Saudi hate propaganda empowered Iran

Genocidal hate propaganda is back in the world, though it's never reported in the American and European media.  To report the constant stream of hate agitation against the West and Israel would undermine the socialist-Islamist alliance that apparently has run the world since Arab oil embargo of 1973.  On the web, is a scholarly source of translations of daily hate agitation among the hundreds of millions of people who speak Arabic, Urdu, and Persian (Farsi).  They are constantly drenched in ugly racial and cultural hatred. 

One part of that hate industry is paid for by Sunni Muslims like the Saudis and the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt.  Independently, the Iranian Shi'ites run both agit-prop and influence-buying operations in Europe and the United States.  In Italy the neo-fascist Five Star Movement dances to the tune played by the mullahs of Iran.

It now seems that modern jihadist warfare against the West started with the Arab oil embargo of 1973.  As Thomas Lifson has hinted in these pages, the Western green movements rose to tremendous power in countries like Germany about the same time.  Contrary to liberal delusions, oil powers and green politicians like Al Gore have huge common interests in blocking domestic energy production.  Lock down US oil production, and the Gulf Arabs and Iranians will control the price of oil from the biggest spigot in the world.  By squeezing the oil supply, greens and oil dictocrats have been buying political and media power since 1973.  By 1979, Jimmy Carter signaled American surrender to one of the biggest Gulf oil producers, the Iranian regime run by the medieval reactionary regime of  Ayatollah Khomeini. 

Those nice folks are now within months or so of obtaining nuclear weapons, any time they decide to sprint to the finish.  With that sword hanging over our heads, President Obama, who has failed to act against Iran's nuclear development for five years, is now conducting "peace" negotiations combining the US, Russia, the EU and Iran.  The first product of that gang of political thieves and robbers has been an open surrender to Iran's nuclear and great power ambitions. 

In other words, over the last five years Obama has lied and lied about America's intentions to block Iranian nukes, assuring the world that the martyrdom ideology of Iran would never be allowed to get the ultimate weapon of genocide.  It now seems that Obama has deliberately facilitated Iran's nukes with the aim of coercing Israel to withdraw to its 1948 ceasefire lines.  Which is where things stand right now. 

The enormous risk of Obama's brinkmanship is that Iran is inherently irrational in nuclear terms, constantly indoctrinating its children in the virtues of martyrdom in war.  Normal nuclear powers evolve toward stability, because they are not suicidal.  But a suicide-worshipping regime like Imperial Japan would have had no inhibitions about using nukes in a self-destructive Götterdämerung.  Hitler in his bunker would have used nukes.  Suicidal cult leaders like Jim Jones would use nukes.  And martyrdom-preaching mullahs might do so as well.  By protecting Iran's nuclear development over the last five years, Obama is therefore juggling with live grenades. 

Try dancing on a tightrope with nukes at stake and chances are dangerously high that somebody will fall off.  Since Israel is in possession of a reported 200 well-developed nukes, if it is driven to the last extreme it can go nuclear in a matter of minutes.   The same point applies to Russia, which could flatten the Iranian nuke industry in a few weeks by conventional arms alone.  Russia could also secretly facilitate an Israeli strike, as France did in the case of Saddam Hussein's nuclear plant Osirak in 1981. 

Obama likes to play double games, but the Russians are past masters at it.  So are the Saudis and Iranians.  This is the highest-stakes nuclear poker game since the death of Josef Stalin. 

Which brings us back to the poisoned stream of hate propaganda that the Saudis, Muslim Brothers, and Iranians have been pumping out to rouse their own populations plus the Western left since 1973.  The hate campaign has rebounded against the Saudis and Egyptians -- the Sunni axis -- because its worst enemy, Iran, is now able to make nukes in a few score days.  The poisoned arrows they have been launching against Israel and the West have now rebounded against them. 

The Saudis are now seeing their biggest enemy of the last 1,400 years gaining nukes as a result of all that hate propaganda.  It's not Israel but Iran that threatens Saudi family control over the Arabian Peninsula and its black gold.  Iran is the biggest Shi'ite power, just as the Saudi-Egyptian axis is the biggest Sunni power in the Middle East.  Egypt can provide the military manpower that Saudi Arabia needs.  The Saudis therefore desperately need Egypt, and Egypt needs Saudi money because it can't grow enough food for its people.  The Saudis therefore use their oil billions to support Egypt, and the Egyptian army guarantees Saudi safety against the Shi'ite heresy, only fifty miles away from Saudi Arabia, across the Gulf. 

Enter Obama, who presented his Epistle to the Muslims from Al Azhar University in Egypt five years ago, promising a pro-Muslim American policy and damn the consequences.  But there is no single Muslim world.  Islam is split into a thousand factions, from giant sectarian divisions like the Sunnis and Shi'ites, down to ancient vendettas between tribes and families. 

Four Muslim societies are now in the breakdown phase: Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya.  They are splintered in a Hobbesian war of all against all. 

Other Muslim regimes are teetering on ther brink.  Saudi Arabia is subject to infiltration by Iran (which tried to overthrow the Saudis during the hajj to Mecca during the Khomeini years).  Smaller Gulf fiefdoms like Bahrain already have a majority Shi'ite population. 

Therefore Saudi Arabia is facing the same danger of disintegration.  Iran is constantly stirring up ancient hatreds and jealousies in the Arabian Peninsula itself.   The Saud family has only been in power for a hundred years, a smidgen of time in the way Islam counts time.  The Saudis were leveraged into power during World War I, when the Brits sent in Lawrence of Arabia to stir up an Arabian revolt against the Ottoman Turks.  Both the Saudis and the Hashemites royals were elevated to power as puppets of the British Empire. 

 Iran has always lusted to control the Arabian Peninsula, not just for its oil, but for its twin holy cities, Mecca and Medina.  Once Iran infiltrates and subverts the Arabs to overthrow the Saudi regime, they will be the protectors of the hajj pilgrimage, mandated as one of the primary duties of every Muslim.  Iran will then swing overwhelming power in the Muslim world.  At this time only 20% of Muslims follow Shi'ism.  Give the mullahs all that oil clout, plus Mecca and Medina, and they might overturn Sunni control and power throughout the Muslim world.

The biggest risk of Obama's community organizing shenanigans is therefore a regional war between Sunni imperialism (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Libya) and Shi'ite imperialism (Iran, Syria, and Lebanon).  As soon as Iran goes nuclear, the Saudis and Egyptians have arranged to import nuclear weapons from Pakistan.  A regional Sunni-Shi'ite war might therefore escalate very quickly.

Five years ago Obama promised a Muslim resurgence in the world in his speech from Al Azhar University in Cairo; in fact, he quickly ordered the president of Egypt, Hozni Mubarak, to resign in favor of the much more radical Muslim Brotherhood. 

(The Moobs have multiple agents of influence in this administration and in Hillary's campaign, in the person of Huma Abedin, former editor of a Muslim Sisterhood magazine who was publicized as Hillary's closest aide at the State Dept.)

In sum, with the connivance of the Obama Administration, Iran has come out victorious so far.  That outcome may have something to do with the fact that Valerie Jarrett, Obama's alter ego, was born in Iran. 

The mullahs now have almost everything they want: Israel is surrounded by the Shi'ite Crescent, with tens of thousands of missiles and rockets ranging from Iran itself to Syria and Lebanon (controlled by Iran's proxy terror group, Hezb'allah). 

But the mullahs are totalitarians, and they want it all: Jerusalem, Mecca, Medina, and the biggest oil source in the world, in the Arabian Peninsula. 

 Iran and the Arabs are divided theologically (each side consider the others to be a heretical sect against the one, true faith, a capital crime in the Muslim world).  The Arabs are ethnically different from the Persians.  Before the rise of Islam, the Persian Empire lorded it over much of the Middle East, with a sophisticated civilization never achieved by desert tribes.  In the first generations after Muhammed, Muslim jihadists swept out of Arabia and conquered both the Persian Empire and the Byzantine (Christian) Empire of North Africa and contemporary Turkey.

Such religious, racial, linguistic, political, dynastic and emotional fissures run very, very deep in the Muslim world. 

No wonder the Saudis are shaking in their sandals, watching their ancient Persian enemies rise to power only minutes away from their shores, as the rocket flies.  And not just the Saudis, but also the Egyptians, who are afraid of their own Muslim Brotherhood, Obama's allies whom he keeps trying to empower in Egypt, Jordan, and the rest. 

In the Benghazi scandal we found out that the United States, in the person of Ambassador Stevens, was actually supplying arms to an estimated 60,000 Al Qaeda rebels in Syria.  Why? The answer is the Shi'ite Crescent of Iran, Syria, and Lebanon.  Al Qaeda rebels in Syria are Sunni Muslims, while the Assad dictatorship in Syria is Shi'ite.  Naturally, the Saudi Sunnis have done everything in their power to slice the Shi'ite Crescent (Iran, Syria, Lebanon) in half.  The Saudis have therefore sponsored and armed murderous AQ rebels, who literally decapitated children in the village of Maloula, where the language of Jesus is still spoken, as we saw in iPhone photos that flashed around the internet.  Killing Christians and Jews is what AQ does best, as Americans should have learned after 9/11/01.  But in a pinch they will also kill Shi'ites, like the Assad regime in Syria.

When Ansar al Shari'a, an AQ-linked group, killed our ambassador and four other Americans in Benghazi, it was essentially a corrupt arms deal gone wrong.  The United States colluded with France and other European countries to overthrow Gadhafi in Libya, with Ambassador Stevens acting as the point man.  Stevens, who is a CIA plant under State Department cover, then worked to smuggle Gadhafi's vast arms supplies to the Sunni rebels in Syria.  That plot failed, because nobody can make a reliable agreement with the AQ's, who are themselves sliced and diced in the usual way of the Muslim world.  Ansar al-Sharia therefore decided to burn out the Americans at the Benghazi arms depot, and, according to some reports, steal tens of thousands of MANPAD anti-aircraft missiles for their own use. 

Obama spun many layers of lies and distractions to cover up Benghazi, which occurred only weeks before the presidential election.  The US media colluded in a massive cover-up, keeping American voters in the dark during the most crucial election of our lifetimes. 

If there is any consolation in the most bizarre and unnecessary conspiracy this country has ever engaged in, it is that Obama has met his foreign policy nemesis.  Domestically ObamaCare is teetering on the brink of failure.  In foreign policy every government in the world has been watching Obama's high wire juggling act in the Middle East in horrified fascination.  And the Saudis are now reaping the just harvest of anti-American and anti-Israel hatred they have sown throughout the Middle East and the world since 1973.  If Iran conquers the Arabian Peninsula the Saudis will have no one to blame but themselves. 

Obama still hopes to come out of this nuclear brinkmanship smelling like a rose, and if the worldwide media keep covering up the facts, he might still do so.  But all the dominos have to fall the right way, and in the newly "organized" Middle East, the chances of that happening are slim to none.

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