Dangerous Times: The New York Times Goes the Full Pravda

Every thoughtful person knows the NY Times peddles shameless whoppers every single day, just as Pravda did in Soviet Moscow -- "pravda" meaning "the truth" in Russian.   In the good old USSR you didn't read Pravda for the truth.   You read it for the daily Communist Party Line, which bore no relationship to the truth -- other than to cover it up.   Then you told your friends the latest headlines, and if they laughed at the same punch lines, you knew they got the jokes, too. Reading Pravda became an art form that allowed readers to guess who was up and who was down in the endless power struggles of the Kremlin.   Today the only use for the NYT -- other than tomorrow's fish wrap -- is to see who's up in the Only Party that matters today: the Democrats and their media. Last week the NYT celebrated Hillary and Mayor Bill "the Red" de Blasio, who actually admits he is a Communist, and still received the wholehearted support of the New York...(Read Full Article)