Busted! The Democratic Party's Moral Superiority

Many analysts of national news media have noted that there is a double standard with regard to how the media report the behavioral faux pas of Republican versus Democratic politicians.

But there is a far more important difference between the two national parties and their moral postures. This difference is revealed when one compares the campaign rhetoric used by the DNC to the behavior of Democratic officials at the local, state, and national levels once they have achieved positions of power.

While Democrats have a set script with regard to campaign rhetoric -- they demonize Republicans while claiming that only Democrats are concerned for the needy and less privileged -- in order to understand their true character, it is necessary to look at how they behave once they are in power. This is most clearly revealed through how they respond to perceived threats to their control of money.

Democrats have shown a consistent inability to balance budgets at the local, state, and national level. And after creating a fiscal crisis, Democrats always say that if they are not given more money "essential services" will be cut back. This implies that they will make the voters suffer if they are unable to persuade the GOP to give them more money by raising the deficit ceiling; revealing that they practice moral blackmail as standard operating procedure. Last year President Obama went out of his way to close off the WW II memorial to visiting veterans.

Recently, Chicago's Mayor Emanuel, who worked in Obama's White House as Chief of Staff, stated that if the city couldn't find money for police and fire pensions "essential services" would be cut. He failed to explain why those retired fire and policemen who receive pensions of over $70,000 a year can't survive on $30K, the highest benefit received by social security recipients. The pattern is clear: the middle class and poor are held hostage in budget negotiations while those who work for government are not, no matter how high their salaries and pensions may be.

Democrats, paradoxically, always want to punish the poor whenever they don't get their way. And it's always about getting more money: they want the debt limit raised or taxes increased.

Voters fail to understand the true meaning of this tactic. If Democrats were really concerned for the poor, voters should expect them to say that they will make any spending cuts necessary in order to preserve essential services. They would bear any burden, climb any mountain, to make sure the elderly and most needy do not lose their essential Federal support. Instead, they hold the needy hostage to satisfy their insatiable lust for power and money.

The major news media outlets fail to ask Democrats a simple question: why not place a priority on maintaining benefits to the less privileged? Why do they always want to maintain the high salaries and pensions of political elites? It gives the impression that the Democratic Party is primarily concerned with achieving political office so they can vote themselves and their campaign contributors luxury levels of pay and pensions.

It's very difficult to find a social issue that President Obama has fought over with the zeal with which he has attacked the fiscal cliff negotiations or debt ceiling. There is no evidence that Congress needs to raise the debt ceiling to help the most needy. After all, trillions of dollars of new debt has resulted in nothing but failing schools, increased food stamp dependency, and higher unemployment for the minorities of the U.S.

The notion that Democrats support labor unions has been challenged by the fact that they have sponsored illegal immigration to the largest American cities. This has caused union workers in the building trades, such as carpentry, to lose jobs. This has been achieved by Democrats making available to illegal immigrants all of the benefits that have previously been offered only to citizens.

The DNC has the cooperation of the national media to frame the situation in such a way that the GOP will be seen as the cause of the suffering. But it is always Democrats who frame the political choice as between increased taxes and benefits, not the GOP. It's a credit to the rhetorical skill of Democrats and the cooperation of the media, that Democrats are not seen as the ones quick to cut services to the needy.

So they end up engaging in the very behavior they accuse the GOP of practicing: cutting back on people programs in order to keep their money. And their brand of the fiscal status quo endorses taxing the very working class and poor they say they will support.

This indicates where their priorities and their morals lie. Morality, to the Democratic Party, is a characteristic of the voters they can manipulate and exploit as a bargaining tool in elections and fiscal cliff negotiations, not a guideline for public policy.

Anyone who votes for Democrats should ask themselves how they would feel if someone at their office constantly practiced the strategy of berating other workers just to get promoted. And once they had the job, blamed others for everything that went wrong. If this appears to be unseemly in the workplace, then Democratic supporters should wonder why they accept it from their Democratic political leaders.

Voters who believe that Democrats are the party of moral superiority should ask themselves: under what conditions have Republicans threatened to remove benefits?

This great contradiction, this great double standard, in which the Democratic Party asks voters to make a distinction between the DNC and GOP based on the immoral character of Republicans, while threatening to take benefits and essential services away from the poor they were elected to serve to protect their own funds, is an astounding example of persuasiveness that functions beyond the constraints of reason.

It's based on an ancient and very unfortunate tendency of human beings to see other groups as inferior to themselves, so as to rationalize the exploitation of those groups. Historically this tendency has manifested itself in genocide, slavery, and the economic oppression of others. The suspension of reason by manipulation is what makes it possible, in this age when politics has allegedly risen above biases based on race and group-think, for one party to demonize another.

In the final analysis, the strategy employed by Democrats is one of social domination derived from social derision. It is an unfortunate trait of human nature for people to denigrate others. Further proof of the moral bankruptcy of the Democratic Party lies in the fact that they have aggressively chosen to employ this tactic.

In fact, this strategy has been used so consistently, that Democrats are now predictable: they will threaten safety net programs whenever they encounter resistance to a tax or national debt increase.

When American voters wake up to the true moral character of the Democratic Party it will be a permanent and fateful day for the DNC, far more devastating to the party than the ObamaCare fiasco, since the moral stature of the Democrats depends on a deception that has been carried on for one hundred years.


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