AARP: One More Big Brother?

Just got my latest issue of AARP, the Magazine (not to be confused with the blizzard of other AARP communiqués arriving in my mailbox daily). I didn't subscribe to this magazine, don't want it -- but here it is, as usual, touting the same old leftist propaganda blather. This month's issue, however, appears to reach the all-time nadir of liberal hyperbole and my reservoir of "oh, well's" is about to run dry.

AARP has consistently managed to package itself as a critically needed, beneficent organization "just trying to help the old folks get by." They persistently claim to have no political agenda even in the face of obvious financial and editorial support for Obama in both presidential elections. They have come under fire time after time from conservative groups incensed by AARP's left-leaning rhetoric and agenda. Still, AARP feigns innocence.

This from a Wall Street Journal article updated September, 2012... "Thanks to just-released emails, we now know that AARP worked through 2009-10 as an extension of a Democratic White House, toiling daily to pass a health bill that slashes $716 billion from Medicare, strips seniors of choice, and sets the stage for rationing. We know that despite AARP's awareness that its seniors overwhelmingly opposed the bill, the "nonpartisan membership organization" chose to serve the president's agenda".

Now that ObamaCare is having an enormously detrimental effect on the health care seniors can expect, it is most assuredly time for us to give credit where credit is due. The role our devoted AARP has played in this national fiasco is without question. From that same article...

"What motivated AARP, given its membership of 37 million people 50 years old and older was clearly opposed to ObamaCare? The answer appears to be: pure ideology."

Ideology, indeed. In breathless anticipation of an unrealistic nirvana some wacky professor opened their childish eyes to many moons ago, these radicals sworn to "fundamentally change America" are salivating as their socialist daydreams come true. And we hard-working, taxpaying schmucks, who, by the way, embody most of AARP's membership, get to finance their silly pipe dreams.

So this month's magazine arrives -- and on the cover is Maria Shriver. Forget that she is Democrat Royalty and chief torch bearer for the spurious Kennedy clan. But is it mere coincidence she is being so honored by the AARP just as her latest "Shriver Report" arrives hot off the presses?

Entitled "A Woman's Nation Pushes Back from the Brink", (Holy Cow!) this report was cosponsored by left-wing Center for American Progress (a George Soros baby) and cowritten by mental heavyweights Beyonce, Jada Pinkett Smith, LeBron James, and Eva Longoria. Lest we dare conclude this simply another bouquet of Hollywood absurdity concerning the pending doom of American women, Hilary Clinton joins in with a 'non-partisan' regurgitation of her own "war on women" baloney. By the way, the Shriver Report has garnered Obama's solemn endorsement. Something must be done! Maybe he'll give another speech.

As I halfheartedly open the magazine, I see, "What I Know", by Arsenio Hall. One segment is entitled "It Takes A Village", a reprise of Hillary's contention that the "village" is as responsible for the rearing and nurturing of a child as the birth parents who might find themselves too busy or otherwise preoccupied to bother.

Next, a glowing article on Jane Pauley, noted NBC personality. NBC is the most leftist-leaning of the three major networks and for Ms. Pauley to have been in their employ most of her career speaks volumes as to her political leanings. I couldn't care less what Jane Pauley believes or doesn't believe, but are you noticing a pattern here?

The multi-paged main article on Ms. Shriver is downright sodden in adoration and worship. Cutesy family photos abound but the shot of her sitting atop her desk is, well... bizarre. Hard to imagine Sarah Palin getting away with such a pose.

Page 64 offers the profound insights of Marlo Thomas. Her byline reads "Actress, Author and Activist." Not as overtly left-leaning as her husband of 33 years, Phil Donahue, she has been closely associated with the Democratic Party and Feminists groups throughout her career.

The final blow roars in as AARP nitwits deliver unto us their role models for growing older. Of the 7 persons they chose to set up as the ideal elder, only one is a known Republican, Bob Barker. I wince to mention they have chosen for their first example of prime aging Mr. Brad Pitt. I know. However, his photo does draw you into the article so where's the harm? No, the real story here is in the actual lineup of stellar agers they suggest we emulate.

First is Keith Richards, a bastion of conservative and moral values if ever there was one. The sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll lifestyle of this man is witnessed in every crevice of his face. How he has survived this long is a miracle.

Next in the line-up is Cokie Roberts. Her mother was the first woman to preside over a Democratic convention and Cokie has obviously been trying to catch up ever since. One of the most ferociously liberal commentators and interviewers on television, her loyalties to the liberal agenda have always been obvious.

However, the paragon of good living the AARP opts to sally forth next takes the cake indeed. It's the one, the only, Angela Davis. The same Angela Davis whose various biographies describe her as political activist, Communist, author, and philosopher. She first drew attention as a counterculture activist and radical extremist in the 1960s. Later, she became a leader in the Communist Party USA -- even ran for vice-president on their ticket in the 80s. She had close ties with the Black Panther Party and Black Power politics and was on the FBI's Most Wanted list after fleeing an arrest. But never mind all that silly stuff. Just a big misunderstanding, I'm sure. Let's not forget that John and Yoko immortalized her in their song, "Angela." How bad could she be?

The remaining pages entice with the usual how to get healthy, how to look healthy or, at least, pretend to be healthy. There's loads of enticing info on life insurance, miracle foods, practical shoes, accessible bathtubs and, of course, tantalizing advertisements for things most seniors can no longer afford.

What there is not is one single representative thought, article or voice for conservatism.

So, I ask you, AARP... are you honestly unable to find even one conservative role model to highlight, one known right-winger to interview, one successful Republican to extol? Are you so arrogant as to not notice the millions of us vehemently opposed to Obama and his socialist agenda? You exploit your mighty voice with blatant bias. You are a wolf in sheep's clothing -- and I, one small voice, find your magazine, your political involvements, and your behind-the-scenes deals despicable. I may not have a choice about growing older but I sure as hell have a choice about who claims to speak for me!

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