Who the Democrats Really Are

Obama is running from Obamacare to his zone of strength and core value: class warfare.  Democrats are geniuses at playing on group identity.  When I ask friends what principles lead them to vote Democrat, it is a hard question for them.  After a baffled pause, I often hear this:  "Republicans are the party of the rich."  It is said as if that is all that needs to be said: not like me, exploiting people, bad for the country.  Not my party.   As the liberal Howard Dean says, many Republicans "have never made an honest living in their lives."  Democrats have crushed Republicans for years by defining lower taxes as catering to the rich.  Let your opponent define you, and you are finished.  In one blow they demonize us as privileged, selfish and out of touch, and avoid debate on the key choice facing the country: the scope of government.  Do we want an all-encompassing bureaucratic Nanny state sucking dry a quarter of our...(Read Full Article)