Who the Democrats Really Are

Obama is running from Obamacare to his zone of strength and core value: class warfare. 

Democrats are geniuses at playing on group identity.  When I ask friends what principles lead them to vote Democrat, it is a hard question for them.  After a baffled pause, I often hear this:  "Republicans are the party of the rich."  It is said as if that is all that needs to be said: not like me, exploiting people, bad for the country.  Not my party.  

As the liberal Howard Dean says, many Republicans "have never made an honest living in their lives." 

Democrats have crushed Republicans for years by defining lower taxes as catering to the rich.  Let your opponent define you, and you are finished.  In one blow they demonize us as privileged, selfish and out of touch, and avoid debate on the key choice facing the country: the scope of government.  Do we want an all-encompassing bureaucratic Nanny state sucking dry a quarter of our economy?  Or do we want to shrink the government down to constitutional limits?  It takes lower taxes and a balanced budget to allow room for individual liberty and a vibrant economy.  Once we are labeled the Party of the Rich, our values and our agenda are off the table. 

It is one big fat lie.  Republicans are the party of the working and middle class.  We want lower taxes for everyone's prosperity and freedom.  The Tea Party makes this clear; the establishment does not.

We have the numbers.  There's no fudging here:  we know the numbers of rich people and how they vote.  We know the numbers of rich Democrat and Republican contributors and politicians.  

It is the Democrats who are the party of the rich.  They are also the party of the poor.  Republicans are the party of the middle.

In 2012, NPR asked the non-partisan Pew research the party affiliation of the richest 20% of Americans, (incomes over $100,000).  How many are Democrat or Republican?  Answer: the same percent

Education levels prove that Republicans are the party of America's middle and working class, while Democrats are the party of the extremes.  People who vote Democrat haven't graduated from high school or else tend to have post-graduate degrees. The majority of high school graduates, people with some college, and people with a college degree are Republican.  Education largely determines class in this country.  Argue with that one.

Mainstream media supports Democrat propaganda by defining rich as households that earn more than $75,000.  Seventy-five thousand for a two-income household is not rich.   

A look at the actual voting statistics broken down by party and income shows this:

Party of middle class families earning $30-74,999:  According to Pew, seventeen percent more vote Republican.

Party of the white working class, those with a high school degree or some college:  Twenty-two percent more vote Republican.

Party of the working poor: Republican.

When I show these statistics to staunch Obama supporters, they are stunned and simply deny them.  Democrats need to lie about the party of the rich to maintain their grip on power. 

It gets more interesting.  While families earning over $100,000 are fifty-fifty between the two parties, Democrat rich are not the same as Republican rich.  Their level of wealth is different, and how they earn it is different.  Where they live is different, and their community's values are different.

In 2008 Obama carried the majority of the richer rich, those making $200,000 or more per year.  These Democrat super-rich live on the two coasts, and have a different value system.  They are not religious.  They are not family oriented.  Maggie Gallagher in Human Events writes:

Liberals live in rich social enclaves with artistic, progressive values ... A 2009 Quinnipiac poll notes that socially liberal values rise with income - "support for same-sex marriage also rises with income, as those making less than $50,000 per year oppose it 54 to 39 percent, while voters making more than $100,000 per year support it 58 to 36 percent."  The very rich are disproportionately strong social liberals....

The very richest are Democrats:

...there seems to be a tipping point where the ultra-wealthy begin leaning Democratic. The most famous example would be the entertainment industry, where star-studded events have become a significant part of Democratic culture.  .... A review of the 20 richest Americans... found that 60 percent affiliate with the Democratic Party...Among the richest families, the Democratic advantage rises even higher, to 75 percent.

Peter Schweizer at National Review explained in 2006 that Democrat millionaires and billionaires earn their money differently than rich Republicans. 

... the answer may lie in the way much of this wealth was accumulated. Some of these individuals (Kerry, Dayton, Rockefeller, etc.) inherited their wealth ... they haven't spent time building a business or even holding down a demanding job in corporate America. Others, particularly in the high-tech sector and Hollywood, amassed their wealth quickly and faced fewer challenges in dealing with invasive government and regulations.

In Hollywood and high tech, there is a sudden jump into wealth.  It can seem unearned and unfair.  Taxes touch them less than the Republican two-income "rich" family making one hundred thousand.   Über-rich Democrats often see good fortune as a lottery:

The Silicon Valley 30-year-old worth $200 million on a stock IPO after six years in the business is likely to have a different view of wealth accumulation than the industrialist who amassed a similar fortune over the course of a lifetime.

Democrats pretend they get elected thanks to campaign money from the little guy.  Obama brought in a lot of $5 "donations" by raffling dinner with the President and a celebrity, or for those less political, a shopping spree.   In truth, it is the GOP that is largely funded by middle-class voters. The average contribution to the GOP is about $50.

Dramatic statistics show the biggest campaign contributors are Democrats. 

In 2006, 17 of the top 25 contributors to 527 advocacy groups are funding liberal/Democratic causes, including liberal billionaires George Soros, and Peter Lewis.

In 2000... According to the lefty Mother Jones magazine, 18 of the top 25 individual donors to political campaigns were Democrats

self-financing candidates who spent more than $4 million of their own money were Democrats (between 1990 and 2000 by a 2:1 margin, and from 2000 to 2004 by a 3:1 margin)

What about all those wicked big corporate donors, especially the oil and gas industry?  The numbers tell the story:


In 2004, according to the CRP, the oil and gas industry pumped $25 million into campaigns, 80 percent of it to the GOP. ... That same year lawyers gave $182 million (75 percent to Democrats) and Hollywood donated $32 million (70 percent to Democrats).

The support of the super-rich for Democrats predates Obama:

In 2002, those who gave a million dollars or more gave $36 million to the Democrats and only $3 million to Republicans, a 12:1 ratio.

Of the top 10 individual contributors to candidates that year, only one gave to Republicans

If the media would ever check Democrat talking points, the evidence that Democrats are the party of the rich is easy to find.

Democrats represent the wealthiest congressional districts.   In "blue" states with a majority of Democrats, the average income is $100,000.  In "red" states with a majority of Republicans, the average income is $30,000.  A small example that speaks loudly: Kerry won only one county in the state of Idaho, but it was the county that included the super-rich enclave of Sun Valley. And he carried only one county in Wyoming, the one which included the super-rich community of Jackson Hole.

We see the same pattern of the richest Americans being Democrats among our politicians.  Who are the richest members of Congress?  Democrats.  Of the 12 richest lawmakers, only 3 are Republicans.    Only one of the five U.S. senators worth more than $25 million is a Republican.

Every recent Democratic Party presidential candidates has been a millionaire.  John Kerry was worth 200 million to George Bush's 15 million.  How many voters knew that?  Romney's wealth was harped on as the major campaign issue.  Do voters see Obama as a millionaire Ivy League lawyer, whose grandmother was vice-president of a bank, whose mother pulled down a six figure compensation package and whose step-father worked for an oil company? 

The deeper you delve into who the rich Republicans are compared to who the rich Democrats are, tells you a lot about the values of the two parties.  It becomes clearer why Republicans stand for American middle class ideals of hard work and meaningful work.

Doctors supported the Republicans in 2012 by a margin of 19% points

Registered nurses vote Republican.

Married women vote Republican. 

Wall Street can go either way.  In 2008, President Obama raised more Wall Street cash than any other president in the last 20 years - about $16 million, almost twice as much as his Republican opponent.   In 2012, Wall St. swung Republican.

Small business owners -- the family businesses across America that earn money the hard way and create the most jobs, they vote Republican.

The employees of manufacturing and construction firms and energy firms vote Republican.

Farmers vote Republican. 

The military and engineers and national security experts are Republican.

Look at who votes Democrat.  Lawyers are the single biggest donor block for the Democratic Party.  The big numbers of Democrat working people are government bureaucrats, teachers, union members, and above all, government unions.  Of enormous influence are the Stalin-level Democrat monoliths in academia, entertainment and the media, whose hold on those fields is enforced by blacklisting conservatives.

Trust-fund politicians are Democrat.  Those who earned their own money are Republican.

There are four times more Democrat lawyers in Congress than Republicans.  There are five times more Republican than Democrat doctors in Congress. 

See a pattern here?  People who deal in the arts and entertainment and social science world of unproven ideas are Democrats.  The guys who sell sizzle (celebrities), the guys in strike-it-rich businesses (Wall St. and high tech and class-action lawyers), the guys who buy sizzle (the young) and those who want money from the government (bureaucrats, teachers, welfare recipients) - they're the Democrats.

People who work hard to create something in the real world, who are paid hard earned dollar by dollar, who pay attention to costs and customer service, who feel the heavy hand of government regulation, or married women responsible for a family - they vote Republican. 

The richest Americans divide their votes evenly between the two parties, depending on how they earned their wealth.  The Democrats are the party of the super-rich.  Republicans are the party of the great middle.

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