The Schizophrenia of Barack Obama

Barack Obama is a man with only one core conviction.  He has, as the basic foundation of his otherwise disorganized and uncertain belief system, the irrefutable tenet that the United States, because of its European roots, has been the epitome of oppression and arrogance throughout its history.  Therefore, he is able to rationalize the need to say or do anything as the transformation of American society and the end of the pre-eminent status of the United States are his sole objectives.  He has, thus, adopted a pre-meditated schizophrenic personality wherein he comports himself as an apologist and appeaser on the international stage and a narcissistic autocrat at home.

The autocrats that ran roughshod throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century were determined to aggregate power in a central authority and to achieve an exalted position for their countries.  Barack Obama, on the other hand, is determined to denigrate and diminish the stature of his nation as he otherwise emulates the tactics of these despots. 

Beyond his one immutable and core tenet, Obama wavers between acceptance of hybrid fascism with its emphasis on crony capitalism and inflexible government dominance of the individual and the economy on the one hand, and on the other post-World War II European-style socialism rather than rigid socialist/Marxist ideology.  This may be anathema to the hard core left from whence he came, but little do they understand that Barack Obama is driven by retribution not ideology.

After five years, Barack Obama has gone a long way in accomplishing much of what he set out to do, namely, the end of the pre-eminent status of the United States and setting the stage to even the score with the European descendants that dominate American society.

Barack Obama began his presidency by donning the hair shirt and groveling before the nations of world begging forgiveness for what he perceived to be the sins of America's past.  It is America's enemies and their loud and false protestations that frame the basis of Obama's outreach and appeasement mindset.  This servile mindset by Barack Obama has projected an image of weakness which begets chaos, and chaos is what the international scene has become whether in the Middle East, Asia, Russia or Latin America.

Barack Obama, determined to become the Muslim world's best friend, has instead unleashed the dogs of war in the Middle East.  With the latest agreement in hand, he has essentially told Iran they are free to develop enriched uranium through the most difficult and time-consuming stages,  and to meddle, unchallenged,  in the affairs of Lebanon and Syria as well as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt.  He has given tacit support to Hamas and the Palestinian Authority in their confrontation with Israel as U.S. policy is to browbeat and intimidate the Israelis into accepting any agreement with them, all the while insisting on Israel's acquiescence to Iranian nuclear capability.  

In an eerie replay of history, the Middle-East has become the Balkans of 1912-14, wherein any inadvertent action or misunderstanding could trigger not only a regional but global conflict.  Whereas the spark that initiated World War I was due to the egocentric and nationalist ambitions of many European countries, the underlying factor of any major war in the Middle East will be the abandonment of American resolve and the deliberate erosion of its economic and military power.

Beyond the Middle East, Russia and China are more emboldened than ever, openly mocking the United States and its leadership.  China has begun acting as if it were already the pre-eminent power in East Asia.  Russia has succeeded in intimidating the United States into abandoning a crucial missile defense system, thus allowing Russia a free hand to effectively reconstitute the old Soviet Union while browbeating its neighbors in Europe, and more recently becoming a major antagonist in the tinderbox that is the Middle East. 

Seventy-two months ago Barack Obama officially declared his candidacy for President.  Only now are a few within the mainstream media and ruling elites in America slowly awakening from their self-induced infatuation and beginning to understand who he is.  It has become difficult to totally ignore the lawlessness, overt intimidation, demagoguery and outright lies spewed forth by Obama relative to the passage and implementation of ObamaCare. 

However, this pattern has been repeated consistently over the past five years in his dealing with the American people as Barack Obama has followed in the footsteps of those 20th century despots resolved to accumulate power. 

1.     Obama has been determined to keep the populace in a constant state of turmoil.  He has endorsed the escalation of vitriol aimed at inciting retaliation against the tea party movement, Republicans and conservatives.  In an effort to promote class strife, the demonization of the wealthy has never been so sustained and blatant.  The incendiary charge of racism has become the default accusation directed at anyone disagreeing with Barack Obama.  As a result, racial animosity is approaching levels not seen since the 1960's.

2.     He has created a de facto secret police through the use of the Internal Revenue Service, the EPA and other government agencies to intimidate and harass his political enemies and to browbeat the American citizens into acquiescing to his edicts and demands.

3.     He has actively bypassed Congress governing by presidential fiat whether in the case of illegal immigration, the environment, labor statutes, and presidential appointments or by simply ignoring whatever laws he chooses.

4.     He is a firm believer that no lie, in the advancement of his agenda, is too egregious to tell, no strategy to destroy one's political enemies is out of bounds, and the creation of false crises and faux enemies is not only legitimate but essential for the implementation of his plan to transform and denigrate America.

5.     He has an unrelenting willingness to use and discard people.  Throughout his life Barack Obama has used and manipulated the gullible into being foot soldiers for his personal ambitions -- whether an entire race of people (African-Americans) by playing on his skin color or the elite ruling establishment wallowing in "white guilt."  The Hispanic population has become the latest group to be manipulated in an effort to turn them against the rest of the populace utilizing the wedge issue of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

6.     He is someone who would willingly inflict pain and suffering on the American people in order to permanently destroy his political enemies and accumulate near dictatorial power for the government he controls.  Barack Obama's megalomania does not allow him to care a whit for the citizenry or the long-term future of the country he pushing into bankruptcy or the nation's ability to survive in a hostile world.

Despite the debacle that is ObamaCare, there remains a stubborn unwillingness on the part of far too many to recognize what motivates Barack Obama.  Perhaps it is unfathomable to them that they could have been wrong about someone who was the epitome of their superficial ideal candidate.  Perhaps they are blind to the danger because of the belief that this country, the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the history of mankind could ever be brought to its knees by anyone. However, that someone is Barack Obama.

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