That Barbara Spectre Video

There's a YouTube video doing the rounds at the moment. In fact it's gone viral (again?); even though the words were spoken in 2010. Why is that? Because a Jewish woman has said things that some people -- including myself -- have a problem with. However, I don't have a problem with what she said because she's Jewish. I have a problem with what she said. And I wouldn't spread it around the Internet because she's Jewish. I'd spread it around because of what she said. (Actually, I still wouldn't spread it around because I'd never previously heard of her.)

This is what she says in the video:

"I think there's a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural, and I think we're gonna be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It's a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive."

Various Jew-haters -- who hated Jews long before hearing Barbara Spectre's words -- have spread this video around YouTube and the Internet. (I counted over fifteen versions on YouTube.) They too will never have heard of her. Her words wouldn't have made them Jew-haters. Her words will simply back up what they already believe. And that's why they haven't sent videos around of Jews like David Horowitz speaking out against Leftist dogma; or Pamela Geller and Melanie Philips speaking out against multiculturalist ideology and mass immigration; or of Caroline Glick speaking out against the International Socialists (who share so much with the National Socialists) who single out Israel -- rather than the Korea, China, Cuba, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey, Somalia, etc.-- for extra-special attention or obsession. (Many Leftists -- and not only students! -- have no political position on any other foreign country other than Israel.)

The Jew-haters who've spread this video contributed to the rise of Jew-hatred which Barbara Spectre has reacted against in the video. And, guess what, those very same Jew-haters have spread a video which chronicles her reaction to the rise of Jew-hatred in Sweden. That's like kicking a dog and telling it off for barking.

It doesn't follow that because a Jew, Barbara Spectre, said X, that it must be true. It's strange really, and also blatantly self-contradictory: Jew-haters only believe in Jewish truth when a Jew says something bad about his fellow Jews or something controversial (as in this video). This is exactly what happens in the case of Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein. Leftists, Nazis and Islamists say that if a Jew says Israel is evil, then Israel simply must be evil. So why don't they quote the many Jews who say the opposite? (The same with this case.)

I know that there are many Jews in Sweden, and Scandinavia generally, who are fearful of more multiculturalism -- and therefore more immigration -- because they know that means more Muslims and therefore more death threats and violence from Muslims.

This woman may simply be speaking as a Leftist or liberal; not really as a Jew.

The fact is that if you name all the people involved in the mass immigration and multiculturalist business then, as a matter of fact, only a tiny minority will be Jews. Nonetheless, that tiny minority will be exclusively featured on all sorts of Jew-hating websites. They will be classed as the "leaders" and, basically, the sole culprits. The other non-Jewish activists will be either ignored or said to be "tools of the Jews". Again, this conspiracy theory about the Jews is virtually unfalsifiable -- just like the rest of them.

What does "leading the multicultural movement" mean anyway? If Barbara Spectre is a Leftist or Left-Liberal (I don't know if she is), then of course she will be leading various multiculturalist or pro-immigrations battles because that's what Leftists -- of all races! -- do. Leftists lead the rights industry, the race business, etc. But the majority of these leaders won't in fact be Jewish. Yes indeed -- some will be! But there are Jews in Gert Wilders' party. Jews in the Tea Party. There were Jews in the English Defence League (EDL)... unless the point that's being made is that there's some kind of necessary genetic link between being Jewish and automatically being attracted to multiculturalist activism. What mindlessness!

The other thing is that this women may simply be naive. She may understandably fear the rise of Nazism (as she says in the video) and therefore she might have put all her eggs into the multiculturalist basket. However, she appears to have ignored the blatant fact that multiculturalism in Sweden means many more Muslims in that country; which in turn means more violence against Jews. So she may be choosing between the rock of Islamic violence towards Jews and the hard place of Nazi violence towards Jews. Some choice.

The other point is that Barbara Spectre was being interviewed -- in the video -- by the Israel Broadcasting Authority and that she also works for Paideia: the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden. This means that she was bound to give an answer which stressed the work of Jews. That's why they interviewed her -- to get a Jewish angle.

If she's a Leftist, then her work for multiculturalism won't really be done as a Jew; but as a Leftist or Left-Liberal. Most Leftist Jews are not Jews in a religious sense or in a cultural sense. And, obviously, they aren't pro-Israel either. Thus they are only Jewish by blood -- just like Chomsky. And if blood doesn't matter, as Leftists claim, then they have no right to speak for Jews, when they talk about Israel. They are contradicting their own anti-racism and their criticisms of other people's focus on race or blood. Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein are no more or less Jewish than George Bush or Mike Tyson. Most Leftist/Marxist Jews have rejected -- despite what the Nazis claim -- just about every aspect of Jewish culture, religion, and history, as well as Israel.

But none of what I've said will matter in the slightest if you already hate the Jews and believe all the conspiracies. Jews who are right-wing? Who cares about them! Jews who are apolitical? Who cares! Jews who care more about their Leftism than about their Jewishness? Jews who fight against immigration and the Left? None of that will sink in to the Jew-hater's mind because he already believes that all Jews are evil. And they are evil essentially because of their DNA. So when Jews do good: they simply must be doing good for evil reasons. And when Jews do or believe things they're not expected to do, then such things will be either be ignored or simply explained away.

In the end, the Jew-hater will be left believing exactly what he believed in the first place. So this piece is utterly pointless as far as he's concerned. In fact all these conspiracy theories about the Jews, as I said earlier, are blatantly unfalsifiable: literally nothing can work against the Jew-hater's belief in them. They are believed as a matter of faith. Or, as Adolf Hitler once put it, Jew-haters "think with the blood". In other words, they don't really think at all. They feel.

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