Obamacare vs. UPS and FEDEX

Apples and Oranges, I'll give you that. But what I won't give you is dissent about overarching government solutions versus the private sector.

ObamaCare is the socialist idea of government healthcare versus private sector answers. And by that I mean a truly unfettered private sector. Not the faux 'capitalism' practiced and protected today by an unbelievable goat cluster assembly of Rules, Regulations and Law seemingly in place to prevent capitalist competition. Competition, the engine, frame, suspension, bolts and bearings of Capitalism.

This Christmas season UPS and Federal Express are enduring some bad press for missed or late deliveries. Quite the scolding going on the mainstream press. Who've never worked a day like these two do.

But what do we get when these two marvels of the free enterprise system don't live up to company standards?

Someone on the other end of the telephone whose job is to listen to you, diagnose the problem and set corrective measures in motion. Online chat access for correcting problems. An online system for tracking your package as it happens. Verifiable, actionable intelligence networking, if you will. Scanning every step of the way. Automation that rarely fails and when it does, both of these companies spring into action to make it right.

Wrong size on that pair of boots you bought? Chances are your online retailer has already set up a Return Process that's no more complicated than you putting it back in the same box it arrived in, slapping an already provided Return Address label and either calling for a pickup or dropping it off somewhere along your day.

Amazon, that amazing online wonder retailer has what must be ten divisions of Customer Service Representatives to handle any and every complaint you can produce. If you are an Amazon Prime member ($79 per annum) your Prime purchases arrive within 2 days. I've had next day delivery from time to time. That is competition at its best.

FEDEX says that during this Christmas season (2013) they handled 128 million shipments, and the few that didn't get delivered by Christmas, despite working Christmas Day to meet their obligations, were due to simply being overwhelmed. What is ObamaCare going to do when it is overwhelmed?

UPS, well past 500 million shipments in the same time frame. Their people were out all over the nation Christmas Day trying their hardest to fulfill UPS delivery guarantees. I didn't work Christmas Day. Did you? They did. That's the capitalist free market at work. You do the work despite whatever is in your way. Do you think ObamaCare is built along the same lines?

These two companies may have their warts and problems but let's compare the staggering size of the federal government, the government's freedom to lavish unlimited dollars on whatever they perceive to be a problem, and the number of people they can shove into a battle. That's actually the problem, this mindset that throwing people and money at a problem will magically result in an answer. Free enterprise companies have to think their way through problems while balancing the limits of capitalization, incomes, demands and systems. Often, more money is the worst way to proceed. The way to success is almost always in correctly thinking about the real problem.

It's no contest. FEDEX and UPS win this comparison round something like $162 billion to nothing. Obamacare can't find its way to a bathroom with both hands and a roadmap, let alone bring the level of care and management exhibited by package delivery systems to a tonsillectomy.

Imagine the number of things that can go wrong in package delivery. From poor handwriting to pickups and scanning to nationwide transport regardless of weather. To sorting each package to the right distribution terminal to getting each package onto the right truck and then managing a vast cadre of drivers you diligently train to represent the business as if it were their own.

It is flat out amazing.

Now, how do you think ObamaCare will work? Anybody on the other end of a phone to help you? If you can get through, will that person know anything? Be able to help? Will there be systems in place to handle almost any conceivable snafu?

Let's talk cost and billing. Do you think there will be sensible, well-managed cost analysis and billing? Will there be anyone to talk to when you encounter the inevitable billing problem? Will they be able to even correctly identify you and keep your personal data secure?

We already know the answer to that. Signing up for ObamaCare is apparently the equivalent of handing all your most private and personal information to thieves and blackguards intent on harming you. Has UPS or FEDEX ever had a near catastrophic data breach? Not that I know of. ObamaCare? Daily, since its so called rollout.

Comparing ObamaCare to the UPS/FEDEX behemoths may be comparing apples to oranges to some, but it is not. Very little of the mismanaged and madhouse business of providing Health and Medical Services has anything to do with the interaction between a physician and the patient, or beleaguered nurses and the patient. The medical business has plunged head first into the business of Information Services. And what we all know through our day to day lives is the one thing we can count on is that government will both fail and frustrate us while companies like Amazon, FEDEX and UPS will 99.99% of the time work so seamlessly as to be almost an invisible trusted partner in our lives.

The only people on the planet who don't understand this fundamental fact are a majority of the 535 members of Congress. And of course the upside down, inside out and backwards policy wonks currently inhabiting the Executive Branch of our federal government.

While the mainstream media call Amazon, UPS and FEDEX to task for a few missed deliveries, let's remember that it's because of such overwhelming customer demand that even ramping up for it these companies were overwhelmed by customer choice. Customer choice. The choice to spend their dollars freely with businesses they could count on.

ObamaCare is a catastrophe for the same reason. The exact same reason. Potential customers are voting with their feet and dollars.

By staying away.

Michael Geer, author and publisher, welcomes email at priceriverinfo@gmail.com