Liberals Follow the Pied Piper to a Nuclear Iran

Democrats march docilely behind their president toward a nuclear Iran.  They are loyal beyond good sense and morality.  The enormity of nuclear armed terrorists, or war between Iran and Israel, is too terrible to believe, so it becomes easy for Democrats to dance behind their Pied Piper President, pretending that his fare is beautiful music. Advancing Democrat political interests by betraying national security and Israel is a road to self-destruction.  They are dishonoring us and bringing grave danger to America. Yesterday, liberals agreed that it was crucial to maintain sanctions on Iran.  Today, congressmen who don't want to lift sanctions are attacked in the New York Times as un-American.  Liberals feel good that their guy is showing those redneck Republicans how you make friends in the Muslim world.  What changed?  Iran's nuclear ambitions didn't change.  Iran's threats to unleash a dirty bomb...(Read Full Article)