Advertising in the Age of Obama

Obama was sold to the American voters twice on the strength of shrewd marketing, but as the truth of his unsuitability for this high office becomes increasingly obvious to all but his most uninformed base, even advertising cannot help him pull out of his nosedive.

People who know a thing or two about medical care, insurance, and simple math warned about the doom embedded in the very heart of ObamaCare, warnings the media ignored or made fun of.

Yes, I know predictions of dire consequences often prove false. Tom Gelsthorpe, commenting on the death this week of a broadcast preacher who was famous for predicting the world would end in 2011, reminds us of how often seers are wrong:

"The apocalypse bidness just ain't what it used to be. Global warming alarmists, nuclear holocausters, and gluten averters also take note. You could live a long and happy life, die in your bed surrounded by loved ones on a glorious spring morning while birds sing outside, with all your dire predictions come to naught."

But this time, the dire predictions were, if anything, understated, probably because most of the law and the thousands of pages of regulations were not fully known. As Obama and his family head off for another vacation in Hawaii --17 days and millions of our tax dollars -- Jim Geraghty summarizes some of the most obvious failures of Obama's signature legislation and singular domestic "achievement."

Read it all, but here's a quick summary:

● Insurers are getting payments from persons whose "enrollment" they have no record of.

● Potential enrollees are giving up on the unworkable plan to get insured by January 1.

● Understandably, consumers who have health issues are growing increasingly anxious about getting the coverage they need.

● HHS' "help line" is not very helpful,

● State insurance directors are resigning.

● Promises of "fixes" to the enrollment process are not kept.

● One state, Maryland, may scrap its state exchange entirely.

● The pace of enrollments remains low.

Add to these problems consumers' new awareness of the higher price of insurance and the diminution of the coverage they had in place before ObamaCare, and the president and his party, in fact, the entire left-wing notion of competent federal government as a provider of necessary services are now all practically toast.

Even media luminaries like Peggy Noonan and Barbara Walters are getting it through their coiffed heads that Obama is incompetent and not a "new Messiah". The Washington Post acknowledges that Democrats have every reason to fear a repetition of this ad against every incumbent Democrat running for office next year. In it, New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen is repeatedly quoted supporting the unpopular law. The message is "If you like your Senator you can keep her." Last week we learned that even Senators Udall and Landrieu are facing tough re-election campaigns because of their support of ObamaCare, and I doubt the landslide ends at their feet especially given the latest Gallup poll showing Americans now overwhelmingly believe big government is the biggest threat to the country.

Faced with overwhelming and growing opposition and a law that is unworkable, the administration is relying on propaganda (advertising and marketing itself) in what I think is a futile effort to reverse its fortunes. Both family dogs have been trotted out along with Michelle and the girls -- until they vanish behind security teams on their costly vacation -- and counting on women still being as blinkered as Noonan and Walters once were, moms are being enlisted by Michelle to haul in the nets of dumb kids who are refusing to sign up on their own by talking up ObamaCare in grocery stores. With a reported ad budget of $684 million to promote this stinker, Obama is having no more success than the dogs and kids and moms are, but he is giving his critics fodder for great satire.

Obama's ministry of propaganda arm, Organizing for Action, using an epicene model in red and black footies whom David Kahane says "looks like the love child of Buddy Holly and Rachel Maddow," asks young people home for the holidays to pitch the Act for them. Pajama Boy reminds Michael Walsh of the weak sniveling Eloi of H. G. Wells' The Time Machine.

Among the many appalling traits of the modern Left -- and they are legion -- their fatuous air of unearned moral superiority has got to be among the most annoying. Sheltered, protected, coddled from birth, shepherded through a credentialing system along with thousands, perhaps millions, of like-minded clones, they are the children of the bubble, swathed in their footie pajamas, cuddling their cups of hot chocolate, and dreaming of that well remunerated regulatory job in the imperial capital that surely awaits them. Grow up? Why bother? Life is so much easier when you know absolutely nothing of it.

Online satirists couldn't sit still and countless takeoffs of Pajama Boy hit the net. Here are some of the funniest.

Some brainiacs undoubtedly paid big bucks to devise an ad for ObamaCare designed to appeal to gay men came up with this ad, an ad I doubt will find substantial appeal even among the targeted audience.

None of this can compare favorably to what is the greatest ad I recall seeing, a charming take on early parenthood by Coca Cola in Argentina, but then perhaps they are selling something worth spreading, the joy of love and family and new birth. Maybe, this stuff just sells itself and ObamaCare with any amount of money couldn't possibly.

Now's not the time to listen to pitches from feckless wimps about ObamaCare, it's time to celebrate life and love. Listen to Handel's "Unto Us a Child is Born." And that child is not full grown sitting around his parents' house in plaid footies drinking cocoa and prattling praise for this Obama disaster.