Where We Stand on ObamaCare

The disastrous ObamaCare rollout and accompanying lies have forced many Americans to confront the harsh realities of the president's signature legislation.  While this is something to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, conservatives must be poised for an all-out assault on anything we say, do, or embrace as the left exploits this crisis.

The perception of Republicans as unpopular ObamaCare agitators -- instigators of sequesters and shutdowns -- must yield to the actuality that we are problem-solvers who can rescue millions from health insurance doom and gloom.  To accomplish this, we must forcibly inject the truth and facts into the national discourse, continue to identify what we know with certainty so we can preemptively protect that which advances our interests and salvage that which is detrimental, and we must be prepared to react swiftly when the unanticipated happens.   

Conservatives have long understood that Obama is arrogant, untruthful, and incompetent, and that ObamaCare was unsustainable and therefore destined for the scrap heap.

But we have struggled to bring any of this to light.  The public remained disproportionately infatuated with Obama and intoxicated with the idea that we could all partake in more affordable, more abundant health care.  Moreover, the media, schools, and pop culture comprise a not-so-secret fifth column spreading and reinforcing the propaganda that ObamaCare is beneficial, Obama beneficent, and any criticism of either is malevolent and racist.    

Eventually, however, arrogance catches up to the arrogant, lies to the liar, and incompetence to the incompetent.  A few months ago, we didn't know if or when eyes would open.  But when (1) objective analysts concluded that ObamaCare would not lead to more care for more people at less prices, and (2)  over 5 million Americans lost coveted insurance plans only to be forced to purchase more expensive ones, and (3) healthcare.gov bombed, chaos unfolded in unforeseen ways and crushed the public's trust in a man they held in the highest regard for five years.

We cannot allow the Democrat-Media Complex to brush this off and establish a narrative they prefer.  Any time we are in front of the cameras, we must remind the American public what happened.  Vigilance and persistence in beating this drum will be effective; "Defund Teddy" is the proof.   

Ted Cruz's filibuster was endlessly ridiculed by the left and reviled by many on the right.  In a sense, though, it was akin to Reagan's "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall" speech.  No one expected Gorby to return to Moscow and proclaim communism dead.  But the speech gave hope to the millions living under totalitarianism; it let them know that someone was aware of their plight, listening to their pleas, on their side, prepared to help -- and that there was, indeed, a better way. 

Cruz's speech and the ensuing "defund" effort had a similar impact.  No one expected Obama to suddenly  repeal ObamaCare.  But it gave hope to the millions of Americans who opposed it, let them know there was someone on the inside who was listening,  on their side, and prepared to help -- even if that meant giving a speech to nowhere -- and that there was, indeed, a better way to run a health care system.

We couldn't have orchestrated a better opportunity.  Well, we didn't.  Or did we?

It took Reagan eight years to lay the groundwork -- economically, militarily, philosophically -- that would ultimately precipitate the dismantling of the Soviet Union.  It was a constant drumbeat on multiple fronts.  When it happened, it was virtually overnight.  The much-feared domino effect was reversed: instead of knocking down freedom-loving countries one by one and turning them into Soviet satellites, the Soviet bloc was knocked down country by country.  This demise came about swiftly, quietly, and without bloodshed. 

One could say conservatives did the same thing with ObamaCare -- persistently whittling away at it -- starting with Tea Party resistance in 2009, Tea Party success in the 2010 elections, some 30-plus House votes to repeal it, numerous court challenges, making it a central issue in the 2012 election, and highlighting it during the Defund-Delay efforts in the Senate and House this past fall.  Once Obama's calumnies were exposed and he became the laughingstock of late-night talk shows, average Americans made the connection between his deceptions and five years' worth of warning shots fired by the other side.  His approval ratings, support for ObamaCare, and the public's faith in his leadership came tumbling down, just like the Berlin Wall.

This was something we couldn't predict at the time, although it was certainly something on most of our wish lists.  Predictable outcome or not, if we keep up the pressure, we can direct the outcome.

Although things look brighter today than they did a few months ago, Obama and congressional Democrats will not give up on their baby.  They will fight to the death and won't hesitate to destroy anyone or any institution that gets in their way.  So let's review what we know for certain in order to  prepare for the Democrat antics destined to be thrown our way:

  • The public no longer trusts Obama.

  • Obama and the entire party are currently on defense but will go on offense faster than Republicans can say "Bob's your uncle."

  • ObamaCare is having a discernible long-lasting impact on virtually every American.  Few   remember the shutdown -- a non-event that had little, if any, discernible long-lasting impact on the average American.

  • The president will not admit he knew that healthcare.gov was in bad shape or that millions would be kicked off their preferred health insurance plans, but the evidence shows otherwise.

  • Obama will blame Republicans.  He already made it abundantly clear in his phone call with OFA supporters that Republicans haven't been cooperating.  He will harp on the fact that Republicans didn't vote for ObamaCare, never supported it, tried to have it overturned by SCOTUS, wanted it to fail, and did everything in their power to thwart its implementation -- all because they don't care about the little guy.  

  • Obama will appeal to women, minorities, and the youth.  When Senator Gillibrand admitted that they knew millions would lose their "subpar" plans, she focused almost exclusively on women, birth control, and pregnancy, as if these are the world's only "afflictions" -- an open appeal to the Sandra Flukes, the Julias, and the Malias and Sashas who might get stuck with a mistake.

  • Obama will employ his vast community organizing network (navigators, houses of worship, unions, and non-profits) and the accompanying technology to enroll people.   We cannot underestimate the power of these tools.  His fellow travelers will march in lockstep and spread this narrative with all their hearts.

  • The press will operate as Obama's enablers.  They are not on our side even though some have criticized Obama -- more for the ineffective website roll-out than the underlying plan.  Indeed, Bob Woodward opined that Obama has good motives because he sincerely wants to help people.  Moreover, even though MoveOn.org announced that it will target the press for failing to air ObamaCare successes, the organization will always fall back on its pro-Obama positions.  Left-wing journalists keep leaving the West Wing charged with the task of reporting ObamaCare successes.

  • Republican outreach must target "convinceables" who can be persuaded that Obama's policies hurt and conservative policies help.  This does not include OFA volunteers or Obama acolytes -- they are too wedded to the man and his ideas, not the realities.

  • Obama will enlist his cadre of anarchist-occupiers to make the case that the 1% have great health care and the 99% don't.  He will promote the "haves vs. the have-nots" argument to retain support from unions, minorities, single women, the young, and the clueless.  Insurance companies will be accused of stomping on the 99%, raking in gross profits at the cost of your health care, and standing in the way of big benevolent government to redistribute wealth, income, opportunity, and health care.

Gillibrand's comment really unveils the entire plan of attack -- big, evil, insurance companies have issued "terrible" plans that are substandard, predatory, and crummy.  You will go bankrupt the minute you get sick unless you have ObamaCare.  None of this should come as a surprise to any of us.  Indeed, American Thinker published "The Predators Walk Among Us" on October 23, 2013, in which we predicted this very tactic.

Some events we just cannot anticipate, but there are questions we can ask to get us thinking about our responses.  How will Americans react as a panicked president and congressional Democrats desperately try to deflect attention away from ObamaCare?  How will they react to the fix?  Will there be one?  Can it be implemented without destroying the entire house of cards?  How will the fix play out in the House and Senate?  Will people recoil as the executive disregards laws he doesn't like and makes up laws to suit his purposes?  How low will congressional Democrats stoop to get their way and destroy the Republicans?  How vindictive will Obama's media be?  Will Americans fall for the fictions about this administration, or will they trust the facts?  Will they go along like sheep to the slaughter and blame the insurance companies instead of the guys who crafted the bill?  As Americans start to pay more attention to ObamaCare and learn more about what it means for their health care, how will they react, most notably at the polls in 2014?

Now that our fellow Americans have been deflowered insofar as their trust for Obama is concerned, might this newfound skepticism have any effect on the "phony" scandals plaguing the White House?  No matter how ugly it gets from the Democrat-Media Complex -- and it will get ugly -- we must remain resolute and united.  If we keep pounding the drums, the dominoes will fall.