Whatever Happened to Britain's Illegal-Immigrants-Go-Home Campaign?

Some months ago, the British Home Office, under the leadership of the Home Secretary, Theresa May, carried out a campaign to get illegal immigrants to 'go home' of their own accord rather than face arrest. Believe it or not, various vans were sent around London with the message 'go home or face arrest' printed on them. These vans drove around the London boroughs which were known as home to many illegal immigrants. There was also a plan to use such vans all around the UK. Predictably, the plans were ditched after critics condemned them. Not only was the national campaign ditched, the van campaign in London itself also came in for a lot of stick. This wasn't in the least bit surprising. Leftist or anti-racist activists have very big mouths and loud voices and therefore they get a hell of a lot of air- and text-time on the BBC, in the Guardian, New Statesman, and tThe Independent. They also shout a lot in our regional newspapers. On top of all that, the van campaign also had to deal...(Read Full Article)