What The Know-Nothings Know

Our poor, hapless, uninformed, clueless president!  He campaigned on the promise to fundamentally transform our country into his idealized socialist wonderland, and as soon as his efforts began to bear fruit, he begged us to believe he had no idea how.  It's amazing the surprises with which our poor president has been blind-sided lately.  And, because no one ever speaks to him or tells him anything between speeches, it's all news to him. 

Nothing he does, nothing he says, nothing he authorizes, nothing he puts in motion, no one he appoints, nothing bearing his name, and nothing during his lifetime is in any way connected to him.  He doesn't even know his own life story, repeatedly getting the details wrong or inventing composite characters.  Or perhaps that was Mr. Ayers' fault.   

But this all seems odd, doesn't it, since for the last 21 years, if you count what we were told during the Clinton and George W. Bush presidencies, the left knew it all, didn't they?  Especially our current president.  Those on the left, and only they, were blessed to have all the answers.  So, let's recap what liberals do know, lest we forget while they are slightly less self-righteous.

Liberals know that opposition to socialism is a product of racism, and has nothing to do with history or experience.  They know that critics of Obamacare were crazies and liars without a clue how amazing and wonderful it is, because the president said so and he never lies.  They know that the president was post-racial, and a healer, and bi-partisan, and brilliant, and a constitutional scholar, though he seems unaware of that document's limitations on the executive.  They know there are no lobbyists influencing this president or his policies.  They know we finally have transparency in government.

Liberals know that the Muslim Brotherhood is a bunch of sincere guys who wanted democracy, though their particular brand of religion is antithetical to it.  Liberals know that a secure place in Cuba to keep murderous Islamists in comfort is proof of our moral bankruptcy.  Liberals know that a nearly unknown video caused the murder of four Americans.  Liberals know that the IRS scandal was a couple of guys in Cincinnati who went rogue, but conservatives deserved it.  They know that belief in individual liberty, private property, Christianity and the Constitution is "radical extremism".

Liberals know that a strong, defensive military can only be used for imperialist bullying.  They know that the less morale and discipline there is in its membership, the better the military will be.  They know that a gay prom or two makes all the soldiers feel better.  Liberals know that you can lead from behind.  They know that surrender solves what used to require fortitude and commitment.  They know you can negotiate with homicidal maniacs who have never uttered a truthful statement, and it will all turn out fine in the end.

Liberals know a religion of peace when they see one.   They know that Hillary Clinton was our greatest Secretary of State, ever, and that coddling Islamists who promise Armageddon is brilliant policy.  They know that our enemies hate us because we aren't nicer to them, while they've been busy killing us.  We've fixed that.  They're still killing us, but we're a lot nicer.

They know that the world has been warming due to humanity's awfulness, even as it has cooled for the last 15 years or more, and their only answers involve hiding evidence.  They know global warming and cooling have never naturally happened before, because they left that data out of their computer runs. They know that solar activity has nothing to do with global temperatures.  They know that anyone who points these matters out is "anti-science."  They know that only science paid for by liberals is "settled," and that to question evidently cooked "science" makes one equivalent to a Holocaust "denier."  They know that only the left, which is increasingly adopting the mindset and tactics of a totalitarian state, is permitted to analogize their enemies to Germany's former totalitarian state. 

They know that members of the Tea Party are racist terrorists, though not one has ever been recorded or photographed engaging in either race-motivated diatribes or terrorism.  Not ever.  We'd know because it would have been on their news channels every day for months.  

They know that gun ownership causes murder, rather than the malice of the user.  They know that how a gun looks makes it both more dangerous and more evil than another that does the same thing.  They know that making more people vulnerable makes them safer, especially children in gun-free zones.  They know that providing a person trained to save lives with a gun in at-risk locations will cause more mass shootings.  They know a gun magazine can only be used once, and then it has to be thrown away.  They know that whistles and pens prevent rape.

They know that a picture of a gun is actually a gun.  They know that a Pop-Tart chewed into the shape of a gun makes the Pop-Tart become a gun.  They know that merely saying the word "gun" will make one appear, violating their zero tolerance rules.  They know that 5 and 6 year olds who play Cowboys and Indians, or any other imaginary game, are actually posing a threat to the lives of other 5 and 6 year olds, indeed to all of us.  They know that suspending or expelling such children solves the imaginary problem.  They know that children belong to the state.

They know that legalizing drugs won't lead to increased use, addictions, health problems, use of more powerful drugs and failure in life.  They know that violent criminals are actually victims, and are more tragic than the people whose lives they destroy.

They know that humans developing in their human mothers' wombs aren't actually human beings.  They know that ending the lives of such children should be as easy and common as taking an aspirin, and that people like Kermit Gosnell are heroes, and victims of unfair targeting.  They know that there is no difference between killing the child before it emerges and killing it after it has emerged from its mother.  They know that their state of mind is all that matters to that distinction. 

Liberals know that requiring all persons to produce an ID they already possess to prove eligibility to vote somehow prevents only black people from voting.  They know that only whites can be racist.  They know that slave owners in the 1800's were Republicans.  They know the KKK was invented by the same Republicans.  They know Martin Luther King was a Democrat, and that Democrats have always been friends to America's blacks.  

They know that there is a 1%, and that no one can ever become successful again because imaginary people are hoarding all the money we see and use every day.  Liberals know this is true despite our proud history of rags-to-riches success stories, during which times there were also equally wealthy people whose existence made no difference. Liberals know that successful people embody evil, and that rewards for their lifelong effort and risk are unfair because those who did nothing don't get their fair share.  They know that taxpayer funded roads caused someone else's success, so they are owed, but no one has a right to their possessions, even if they use the same roads.  Liberals know that the more we become like them, and confess their intellectual superiority, the sooner everything will be better. 

Yes, liberalism has a rich and storied history of embracing knowledge.  We are also now seeing that once such knowledge is won by a liberal, he or she is very unwilling to let it go, no matter what. 

With that in mind, let us concentrate every ounce of our energies on defeating them in every conceivable way.   Help them along if you can, but if they resist, help them to become irrelevant.  It's never too late to help liberals learn something new.

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