We Are the Majority

Those familiar with my articles on the ideological demographics of the George Washington University Battleground Poll will not be surprised to read that the latest Battleground Poll, released in early November 2013, shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans identify themselves as "conservative" -- and that this self-identification dwarfs not only self-identified "liberals," but also "moderates" and "don't know."

The latest Battleground Poll shows that 56% of Americans call themselves "somewhat conservative" or "very conservative," while only 38% of Americans call themselves "somewhat liberal" or "very liberal."  This huge conservative majority appears in virtually every Battleground Poll in this century, regardless of who is in the White House or how the nation is doing.  These polls are recognized as the most accurate predictors of elections; they show all the internal questions and the demographics and have no axe to grind. 

Moreover, every single Gallup Poll in this century shows that conservatives outnumber liberals in almost every state in our nation.  Some of these Gallup Poll results, in fact, show that conservatives outnumber liberals in all of the fifty states, while some show that in Rhode Island, Vermont, or Massachusetts, liberals have a slight edge over conservatives.

It is not just Gallup or George Washington University, neither of which has any particular love for conservatives, that has made this finding.  Survey USA, a compilation of local polls throughout the nation, shows extraordinarily high levels of conservative self-identification even in states or cities in which conservatives are considered pariah, if not outright extinct.  Even very liberal polling organizations, overtly "progressive," like Public Policy Polling, show that conservatives clearly outnumber liberals in America.

Recently the Washington Post noted that conservatism has never had more support in America.  In spite of all that many leftists, as well as many conservatives, believe, those organs of establishment leftism that ought to be producing results that depress conservatives into dormancy in fact show that the true dinosaur in American political life is the leftist, the liberal, the progressive.

America in every poll -- regardless of who asks the questions, when the poll is taken, and how the data is presented -- shows that a leftist establishment comprising a distinct minority of voters rules that vast majority of Americans who abhor the values of this class of rulers.

Some people suggest that respondents to these questions do not know what "conservative" means, but that would not explain consistent results over decades of polls by different organizations.  Moreover, it would not explain why, in states like New York or Maryland or Hawaii, where being called a conservative is viewed as little better than being called a Nazi, respondents consistently describe themselves as members of such a publicly loathed group.  Why also would news organizations as hostile to conservatism as the Washington Post feel compelled to proclaim a historically high level of conservatism in America?

The reality is that we, conservatives, are the majority in America, though we have been systematically excluded from the faculties of academia; the reporters and editors of the fat, old media; and every other junction of information, entertainment and education in America.  Many in the media, as evidenced by the defection to Fox News of former "leftists" in the mainstream media, have long understood the corruption of establishment leftism and probably just feigned leftism to keep a cushy job.

This is a fact which Maurice Stanton Evans noted almost fifty years ago in his prescient book, The Liberal Establishment.  No thoughtful, sane, or moral person can seriously believe in that noxious concoction of cronyism, nihilism, and perversion that is "leftism" today.  Those who still defend the indefensible, like former mainstream media employee and current smirking liar for Obama Jay Carney, do so in spite of what they secretly know and believe. 

We are the majority.  We are, in fact, nearly all of America, like the subjects in the final days of the Evil Empire, who saw the silliness of Marxism and the malice of Soviet rule.  Those corrupt hacks who kept running Russia until it imploded believed, like Carney and Clinton believe today, in clinging to unearned power, unmerited perks, and manufactured popularity as long as that racket called "liberalism" still massages their egos and fills their wallets.

That would also explain why ordinary Americans asked anonymously to identify their values overwhelmingly pick "conservative."  The left cannot deny these Americans academic tenure or smear them with malicious rumors, as it did with Herman Cain, or send its attack dogs against them from government agencies like the IRS.   

I know many conservatives feel hopeless sometimes; that, of course, is part of the left's grand strategy of keeping power.  But do not yield to despair.  They, not we, are the unloved and even loathed colonial governors of our country.  We, not they, will in time win. 

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