'Pretty Good at Killing'

It has been disclosed in a recently published book about the 2012 campaign, Double Down by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, that the president told aides that he is "really good at killing people" with drones. I think the president is being far too modest. Drones aren't the half of it. He's really good at killing lots of things.

With ObamaCare, he is killing the most effective healthcare system in the world. Indeed, he is so good at killing a system that could have been modified with relative ease to achieve his alleged objectives that soon his ideology will end up also killing many more people than drones ever could. Healthcare is about to become so expensive that people will defer going for medical visits they simply cannot afford. This is necessary because in order to achieve full redistribution of their wealth to the left's welfare-for-votes crowd, their new deductibles and premiums will be many thousands of dollars higher than they can pay and still feed their families.

Those who used to be able to afford healthcare will put off early treatment they cannot afford, because their $5,000+ deductibles will have to be paid out of pocket before they qualify for their partially subsidized, sub-standard treatment. Even then, their premiums will only cover up to 70% of the treatment costs they incur. As they wait, hoping their maladies get better on their own, their conditions will worsen. When they finally do succumb, and must get treatment, even if merely palliative because treatment is being rationed, it will bankrupt them if they survive. No matter. Many must die at the altar of socialism for the greater good of totalitarian control, even over life and death.

What else has been on this president's kill list for the last few years? Why, lots of things.

The president has shown he is really good at killing citizens of neighboring countries, and our own border agents, with guns he purposefully allowed Mexican criminals to take across our border with no plan to track or retrieve them.

He is apparently also quite good at killing the chances of State Department personnel to survive predicted attacks. He sends them where they should not be, to do things they should not, and when they need to be saved from doing his bidding, this president goes to bed. In fairness, he did not actually kill them himself. He simply made sure they did not survive, with the considerable assistance of the victims' boss at the State Department.

Come to think of it, with rigged rules of engagement that favor those same enemies, he is very good at killing the chances of our troops to protect themselves. He sends them in harm's way to carry out his objectives but makes sure that the enemy always gets the first kill shot. Whoever is left unhit can then return fire.

While making it easier for the enemy to kill our troops, he is also killing the military structure in which they serve. What used to be a system dedicated to the unyielding defense of our nation has become the president's sandbox for social experimentation and liberalism. He is purging the ranks of loyal officers, replacing them with those who are prepared to adopt his view of the United States Armed Forces as a liberal playground. Preparedness has taken a back seat to punishing the military for their successes with disproportionate budget cuts, making their missions much more difficult, or impossible. Recognizing our enemies has evolved from perceiving external threats and preparing to counter them to searching for internal threats, and actively smearing them. True threats to the country are ignored, or lied about. In other words, the military is becoming a reflection of the liberal politics and paranoia of its commander in chief.

A recent manifestation of this administration's hostility toward its own military is the order banning the wearing of a patch by Navy SEALs of the "Don't Tread On Me" jack. This flag, or "jack", is both an historical and currently-used Navy jack. It originated during the Revolution, and it has been the primary Navy jack used during the global war on terrorism. The jack has special significance to those who see the United States as a nation that won its freedom from forces of tyranny and oppression, and still fights those evils in the present. It is revered by the SEALs as a symbol of patriotism, but is seen as a threat by the president. Banning the wearing of a patch as a singular action may be a small thing, but it is one of a thousand cuts in his efforts to kill the morale of our fighting men and women.

He has undeniably killed the economy. While piling on endless debt and entitlements, he has so regulated the marketplace that it is suffocated. His policies have ensured that new jobs are a thing of the past, and without jobs, there is no growth. We lie stagnant not because the president inherited a worse situation than he thought, but because the changes he was elected to impose required a worse situation than he got, and any improvement would risk exposing the lie of socialism.

He has killed our standing in the world. Our allies neither trust nor like us at the moment. We are apparently spying on everyone and lying about everything. The president could not care less.

He has killed the integrity of our electoral system. We cannot require proof of entitlement to vote because that would prevent the turnout of dead and illegal voters the left requires to win. Every time a state tries to prevent election fraud, the president and his Attorney General scream like they've been stuck with something sharp.

He has killed the precedent that the full power of the government will not be brought to bear on private citizens over their political beliefs, or their religious affiliations.

He has certainly killed any shred of accountability in the Oval Office. Gone for the last five years has been any hope of a truth being uttered by an American president or his spokespersons, and it isn't coming back until he is gone. What we have seen in the last few weeks regarding ObamaCare has been mesmerizing, with endless replays of the president uttering lies which evidence shows he knew were lies when he said them. He is not claiming to have been misinformed. He is claiming now that what we have seen and heard him say for several years is not really what we saw and heard. Apparently, he also said other stuff that never came out of his mouth. The fault lies with us for not understanding what he wasn't saying.

Finally, he is working as hard as he can to kill what is left of Americanism. We are rapidly being forced into two distinctive and irreconcilable factions. There are those who grew up in an America that still stood for the values of its Constitution, and those who grew up in a country they hated because it did not value their selfishness and sense of entitlement. Those who believed in a unified nation, advancing toward fulfillment of the ideal of justice for all under the law, now find themselves in a country that has been consciously divided by those who loathe and mock the moral principles on which the country was founded. Belief in those principles is now slandered as "extremism", while the destruction of those moral principles is called "progress". The president is dedicated to growing these divisions, and never passes on an opportunity to demonize those Americans who do not worship him or his ideology. No nation can unite under a president who calls down hatred upon those who have seen through him, and have understood his agenda from the outset.

You've got to hand it to him. The president really is good at killing lots of things. But nothing, it appears, would be a bigger victory to this president than to kill what we used to know as America. 

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