Bloomberg and the Invasion of Colorado

I've never lived in New Hampshire. Or Missouri. Or South Carolina. Or forty- six of our states. I currently reside in Colorado and therefore have a keen interest in the election process here. I participate, volunteer time and resources to candidates and causes I support, and of course vote. Since I do not live in Minnesota, I pay little attention to local and/or state-level politics there. Exactly who represents the residents of Greenvale, MN in the state legislature (Greenvale is in state Senate District 58, in case you were wondering) doesn't affect me. I really don't care how the residents of Minnesota Senate District 58 vote on the plethora of state and local initiatives and amendments that show up on their election ballots. It's enough keeping up with my own community, I don't know anybody in Minnesota Senate District 58 and I have zero desire to attempt to influence how they govern themselves. Which leads us to the curious relationship between Michael Bloomberg, a resident of...(Read Full Article)