No More Honor-Killings of Women in the Middle East

There are some very active women's organizations and international units attempting to curb abuse of and violence against women.  They work to bring awareness to the cultural, and sometimes religious, norms, laws, and practices that have created and preserve these conditions.  But those efforts are too small-scale.  This violence still occurs in many countries in the world, and it is most prevalent, especially in its most acute forms, in countries with a predominantly Muslim population.  What is needed is a large-scale attack by national governments and international organizations. At the base of this violence is the concept of honor, which women supposedly embody.  Because of their lack of education and empowerment, women affected by this concept have rarely been able to challenge the nature and consequences of it. Women are said to dishonor the community; family; and, for Muslim women, perhaps the Islamic religion if their actual...(Read Full Article)