Why the Limbaugh/Krauthammer/Will Tiff is Healthy

Rush Limbaugh won't say it in so many words, but he (very correctly) called into question the discernment capabilities of Charles Krauthammer and George Will this week on his show. Rush insists he was "merely flabbergasted" at their slow to evolve perception of Barack Obama -- and was only using them as examples to make a bigger point. That notion doesn't really line up with his very words however.

Very clearly, Rush is somewhat irked that Dr. K and George Will were so badly bamboozled by Obama -- while so many of us racist 'rubes' never were. To be fair, the word "dupe" was not spoken, but I think a case can be made that it was indeed implied. Somewhere, I suspect Sarah Palin -- who was never confounded by Obama and yet was widely insulted by both of these luminaries - must be having a well-deserved laugh, too. 

In case you missed it, this kerfuffle started Monday on Rush's show when he responded with incredulity to some quotes from Krauthammer on a Fox News Special prompted by his just released book, admitting he did not peg Obama until weeks after he took office. Dr. K said, "...you know, I haven't been able to figure this guy out.  Is he a centrist who will occasionally throw a bone to the left or is he a lefty who will occasionally throw a bone to the right?"  Nobody had any idea."

Well, yes, Dr. Krauthammer, some of us did have an idea of who he was. For example, Sarah Palin had an idea. The conservative base had an idea. That's why the Tea Party exploded onto the scene so quickly -- because millions of us had the idea down pat many months before Rick Santelli -- who also had an idea -- named the movement. And yes, Rush and Mark Levin and Sean Hannity all had him figured out too.

Obviously exasperated, Rush said Monday "I intellectually don't know how you can not figure out Barack Obama -- a liberal is a liberal. I know Obama, for the low-information crowd, could be whatever you wanted him to be, a blank canvas. But for crying out loud, we're not talking about low-information people here."

He then felt the need to revisit the issue Tuesday as Politico gleefully ran a piece called Limbaugh Versus Krauthammer. Limbaugh insisting over and over again his show Tuesday that this was "not a feud." - and Krauthammer himself responded to Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV, sniping that certain "talk radio hosts...ought to listen to what I said." This response seemed to burn Limbaugh, who remained magnanimous nonetheless, insisting over and over that this was "not a feud."

Rush continued with his obvious consternation saying "I'm thinking particularly highly educated, profoundly aware people, know a socialist when they see one, know a liberal when they see one, and know that they don't tell the truth, know that they obfuscate, lie, and so forth.  So I was shocked, and George Will was quoted as saying much the same thing."

Let me translate: How could you miss this Charles, George?

And Limbaugh continued: "Now, of course I knew who he was without knowing him. He's a liberal.  That's all I need, and that's not a simplification.  Liberals are who they are.  Socialists are who they are.  They have techniques.  They have behavioral patterns.  You can type them.  They can't be honest about what they intend or they would never get elected."

Let me translate again: Duh.

So while Politico and other liberal outlets may be enjoying this little sideshow, I submit it is very helpful. This is part of the much bigger establishment versus the base movement that is taking place everywhere from CPAC to South Carolina to Kentucky to local GOP offices, not to mention all over conservative media outlets. The reason it is profitable is that this high profile struggle is making it crystal clear who has been right all along -- and who has not.

Krauthammer and Will, whom I took to task over their support of the Roberts ruling on Obamacare, have spent the last five years sitting in haughty judgment of Palin, the Tea Party, Ted Cruz and the like. They have been mighty conservative intellects for decades, but they have become increasingly Washingtonian and establishment over the past few years, a trend not missed by any conservative message board universe. They seem unfamiliar with a country they are handsomely paid to talk about.

This seems to happen to almost everybody who is isolated inside the beltway bubble for any length of time. Perhaps Dr. Krauthammer and Mr. Will should travel more in flyover country, instead of flying over it. They might learn something.  I was struck this week as Will proudly insisted that "of course I want Obamacare to fail."

George, welcome to the team. We've been waiting for you, and for Dr. Krauthammer, to join us. We need you, but we're way ahead of you.