The IPCC needs Obama's team of spin masters to survive their latest report

Obama's spin machine has come to POTUS's rescue many times. Now they need to come to the rescue of the International Panel on Climate Change. The global cooling deniers at the IPCC need just that kind of spin given the fact that they can't reconcile the global cooling that is occurring in spite of all their research and computer models predicting the opposite. They have passed Obamaspeak 101 by first trying to change the words. Global warming became global climate change. Global cooling is now referred to in their latest report as a "pause." The hockey stick has become a...okay, they just stopped talking about that all together. These steps are good but they need more. They need something much more sophisticated to fool the international populace and give their liberal media cohorts fodder for their green literary swill. What they need is Axelrod and his artists at OFA to craft a scientific report demonstrating that all of the efforts of the IPCC have resulted in an...(Read Full Article)