The Character of the American People: You Can't Have it Both Ways

The point of this essay is to reconcile -- if possible -- two inherently contradictory characteristics that conservatives attribute to the American people. Not surprisingly, these are difficult days for American conservatives.  The most radical leftist president in the history of the United states was re-elected last fall.  Through a combination of steadfast duplicity and political chicanery, he has steered public opinion toward fundamental distrust of conservative principles and policy.  The Republican Party has abetted his efforts by means of pubic disunity, amazingly poorly executed tactics, and a deep demoralization about its future prospects.  The odds of a Democrat Party capture of the House in 2014 have improved -- which event would likely result in legalization of 10-20 million illegal aliens; a cap and trade regime; card check and the re-unionization of the private sector; accelerated U.S. disarmament; and, of course, an avalanche of...(Read Full Article)