Reagan's Banner of Bold Colors Must Now be Even Bolder

Though he had high ambitions, there is a glaring reason why Edward Moore Kennedy did not have national appeal: he wore his liberalism on his sleeve.  A hard-left statist from Massachusetts could sit in the U.S. Senate for decades, but the Oval Office aspirations of Teddy were just daydreams. Then came Barack Hussein Obama II.  Though the press presented Barry as a post-partisan, god-like figure, in truth a radical statist to the left of Teddy arrived to occupy the White House in 2009.  The country wasn't ready for such an ideologue; otherwise, the candidate's campaign and his media would not have pretended that Obama was a harmless moderate against all evidence to the contrary.  The press knew that the non-partisan National Journal had rated Obama the most liberal senator in the U.S. Senate -- ranking even to the left of open socialist Bernie Sanders. Of course, it was the perfect storm for Obama.  Bush had been vilified by the press to the extent that...(Read Full Article)